Maybe there are a lot of people around who are dreaming about driving one of these cars people are discussing about.Or maybe there are some people around who want to drive racetracks they'll normally never race on ...

then you should try a brandnew Racing Sim which just was published by a group of Racing enthusisasts.Many of them former race drivers.The MOD is called "GT Racing 2002" is models the FIA GT series.Cars i there are f.e. Lambo Diablo,550 Maranello,Viper,Marcos and for NGT class 360 Modena,996 GT3 etcetc.

Don't get me wrong.This is not a "Need for Speed" product.It's a hardcore sim with plenty of setup issues.You'll need to practice a lot to keep the pace of the best drivers.

Secondly ... this MOD is for free download.I have no financial interests in telling you about this.It's just THE perfect race sim.If you are interested about this,get it free on the Net.


You need a copy of EA Sports "F1 2002" as base.Get it in your software store and get the MOD free.

World rankings under : www.findthelimit.com

Maybe some of you will try this.If you ever started the Marcos or the Lambo or the 360 and you hear this unbelievable sound... you'gone .. I swear!