Here in the US the going rate for ADM (adjustment to the market) is between $30,000 to $40,000.

Not too many people got a GT3.2 without paying for an ADM and sometimes what happened is that they pay you a lower price for your trade in and in reality you are still paying for an ADM.

Still waiting to hear from 3 dealerships (and yes I follow up with them about once a month). I've told them that I would be willing pay for a reasonable ADM, up to $15,000 and so far nothing...


You own two 2016's Porsche's. The dealer you bought them from can't get you an allocation for MSRP?Smiley


What do you expect from greedy dealers? Have you check how much those dealers are asking for GT2RS? Even from long time loyal customers whose ass has already been stretched to a mile wide?

I’m in the same boat. On three different dealer lists since the 997 GT3. Not certain why it is so hard. Been driving these cars all my life. I doubt anyone here has half the miles on them. Never bought one new and this is the reason, can’t ever get the good ones. Plenty of offers for bs non GT cars.  No thanks. 

Become a Democrat.Smiley


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