Repeating myself but the R looks stunning in real, way better than the GT3 (regular or RS). If they added PDK they would sell more R than all variants of GT3s if priced close to the regular GT3. And if they add rear seats forget it, they will sell tons.

well, to me the R just looks plain carrera-boring. the only reason why i sort of like the looks of my RS is the big wing and the aero parts which move it away from the standard totally undistinguished squashed beetle look to a different level. anyway, ferrari and lambo rule as far as looks go but mid-engined lay-outs give a lot of creative room to car designers. but, i need to add, even after 750km in the RS only i got to appreciate certain dynamic features of rear-engined cars (exit stability) and the additional room in the rear (without the torture seats of course).

i am sure the R will handle very nicely but the looks.....???