Wings are never iconic...but I like them more than the "iconic" ducktail. 

Yes, the Carrera wing is not a beauty but at least I do not carry it around in the city. 

Whenever I'm in the US, basically every Porsche I see (minus Cayenne/Macan), has the spoiler/wing raised, even when parked. We had two Panamera Turbo at our beach hotel in Miami and both had the rear wing deployed. Ridiculous.

So true about the spoilers here in South Florida.  Looks utterly ridiculous. I would love have this car but I can no  longer clutch safely or efficiently (toll of advancing age) and the PDK is a must have.  Not sure why this 911 R formula  couldn't be added to the normal GT3/RS line up w/ choice of transmission for each model.  Perhaps disappointment and frustration for some on a random basis are part of the Porsche marketing strategy? Smiley


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