It's really very interesting that since the second sensor at the battery management has been applied @Ferrari they aren't dominant at all anymore!?

Until then they had an power advantage which allowed them to race with higher downforce what helped them to be as quick as others on the straights but much faster in corners.mail

Since a few races the new (additional) sensor is mounted more race wins and/ or pole positions anymore for Ferrari/ SV.yes

And as they've now to race with much more "efforts" on top of this their tyre degradation has become huge and so the lost out to Mercedes/ LH & VB.

It was so obvious that Ferrari was cheating but finally FIA closed "this loophole" and the miracle of "Ferrari's resurrection" is finally over! kiss

And out of a sudden the "great Sebastian" is making so many mistakes and has been proving that under pressure he isn't pair to real race drivers/ champions (or soon to be champions) like LH, MV, DR & FA.

Even NR was much more flawless than SV and this guy took his one in a life time chance to grab the title from Lewis just by chance as he had less technical failures than him...

Hopefully CL will kick ass next year and SV's time @Ferrari is over as he hasn't been delivering at all.