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    evo's Tailslide gone, but nice (online) replacement

    i have no idea if you are aware of evo's tailslide section on the last page [evo is a UK car mag, btw]... IMO it was brilliant! it always said what everyone was thinking and no one dared to write or say. and this in an ironic, unique and very funny way.

    in the actual issue of evo it's said that this is the last tailslide feature! what a shame! i think they got too much trouble with the manufacturers

    anyway, after complaining about it on the evo website, someone provided me with a nice link:

    very nice humour as well! should help getting over the loss of tailslide

    oh, and btw: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

    cheers; zz

    Re: evo's Tailslide gone, but nice (online) replacement

    For a taste, here's some 911 content from the archives:


    The designer of the current Porsche 911, Harm Annimals, has been sulking in his room this week after a sensational scalding from his mother. Frau Annimals was forced to clip him round the ear after the latest face-lift of the Porsche supercar.
    "I told her that the 911's design development has been a gradual evolution, not a revolution. The shape has evolved, not, err, revolved", sobbed Harm from behind his bedroom door. "We've been very careful to take the pure lines of the original 911 and very subtley make them more ugly with each new generation. The latest 996 facelift continues that successful philosophy. We make a bumper bigger here, a headlamp more blobby there; it would have been too easy to make the car totally hideous in one fell swoop".
    His mum is less impressed. "It has got too much," she said, "The trouble is he never knows when to stop. I told him to stop fiddling with the design, he'd only make it worse but would he listen? Of course not. So I sent him to his room without any tea, and he hasn't come out since. People feel sorry for him but they forget it's ME who has to clear up all the crayons and paints off the kitchen table. He's made a right mess".
    911: designer sitting grumpily in his bedroom, probably listening to OK Computer or something



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