The teeny tiny sliver of color on the front and back bumpers running along the bottom seems insufficient.  While it look better with that color than the camouflaged cars w/o it to be sure, it's not enough; it's not tied in enough to the rest of the body, like a pinstripe tacked on later.  The front and back just seem to have gaping maws now, black holes where design is lost

Ugly panel gap where the frunk lid meets the bumper. Not a manufacturing defect apparently; but how it's supposed to look.

Now that I've seen the up close pictures of the interior, the details look better; but the overall bones of the design are still a mess though; a mash up of a circa 1980 VW Rabbit and Ford LTD. 

On light colored cars the lack of any body color between vents and rear window results in an overly massive look to the window reminding me of the 1970s all glass rear hatch to a Ford Pinto.