The Groom said:
ADias said:
The EU is making the state the big daddy and burying itself in taxes to pay for that. I go to Europe once a year, and everywhere I go I see the gap between the US and the EU bigger all the time (make sure you understand that means the EU's standard of living and economy vibrance is lower than the US and going lower).

I agree on the vibrance part, but not the standard of living part. Every time I go back to the US, I feel like I'm going to a Thirld World country. Everything feels so cheap because of the exchange rate.

My feeling is mutual. Every time I go to Europe I notice the gap in quality of living wider - advantage USA.

Don't underestimate the importance of the dollar crash. In dollar terms, the average yearly growth rate in Western Europe must be in the 13% range. We're "growing" even faster than China collecting our unemployment checks.

Of course, it does not mean that Europe is doing gangbusters, it just means purchasing power of the dollar has gone way down the tubes.

I also think that a long term low dollar policy is bad. I think though that the euro is currently artificially overvalued. Time will correct all this.