The engine choice will be important as well: If they choose a turbo charged V6, it will not be very successful. If they choose a turbo charged V8, very likely under 4.0 liters, it needs to sound "right". Won't be easy. I do not think that Porsche will use the Lambo V10 or any n/a engine for the upcoming 960, which is sad. Of course Porsche could use that fabulous 4.6 l V8 from the 918 but... Smiley With 650 hp, this could be an amazing product and Porsche could easily ask a base price of 230-250k EUR for it. 

Why not the twin (or quad) turbocharged Flat-8 that has been rumored for years?  This seems like the right answer to me (and an NA verison in the GT3, if I had anything to say about it...)




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