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    997 almost ready for show room

    997 Clip

    Re: 997 almost ready for show room

    Just the same old "spy pictures", now on video
    Personally, i don't think the future 997 will look like this.

    Re: 997 almost ready for show room

    Personally, i don't think the future 997 will look like this.

    Unfortunately, the future 997 will look like this.
    A more refined modern interpretation of the classic 911 design.
    The car in the video is still camouflaged, the front and rear lights look completely different on the final product.
    The front and rear fenders are a little bit larger, the interior is a bit more stylish and the instrument cluster is similar to the Carrera GT design, not as much changed as I wished it to be. My personal conclusion: Porsche has to come up with something more revolutionary to maintain 911 sales at a high level. Right now the best selling Porsche seems to be the Cayenne, Boxster and 911 took a serious plunge.

    Re: 997 almost ready for show room

    There are a lot of rumors about when the 997 is coming out but I can't see how it can be anytime soon.

    According to the majority of the gossip people are saying it's gonna be a 2005 model year which means July/August 2004.

    But if that where true there would be people still waiting for the delivery of their 996 at that

    For example I have a friend who ordered an 'orange' C4S and there is a one year wait for it...and the GT3 isn't even on the road yet. Not to mention the Cab. version of the C4S and turbo if it's happening.

    Would Porsche do that? Imagine waiting for a car that would be the old model before it came to the dealer.

    Re: 997 almost ready for show room

    All rumors indicate MY 2005 (summer 2004) but because of dropping 911 sales numbers, the change could come sooner. Personally I doubt it but Porsche is always good for surprises. What makes me wonder a little bit: the 996 Turbo/C4S Cab was rumored to be put on the market around spring 2003. It didn't happen and all rumors indicate the official presentation at the Frankfurt Autoshow (IAA) in autumn this year. Hopefully we won't have the surprise to see a completely new 911 at the IAA. BUT: in my opinion it doesn't make sense to put the 996 Turbo/C4S Cab on the market and one year later a complete new 911 (997?).
    So maybe there won't be a 996 Turbo/C4S Cab...

    It is very difficult to see in what direction Porsche is going right now, maybe we know more after this summer.

    Re: 997 almost ready for show room

    in my opinion it doesn't make sense to put the 996 Turbo/C4S Cab on the market and one year later a complete new 911 (997?).
    So maybe there won't be a 996 Turbo/C4S Cab...

    This is what I was excatly thinking. Would it be possible that the Turbo/C4 S Cab. would show up as a 997 model ?

    To answer Keyvan's question :

    With the new 997 model, it doesn't necessarily mean that Porsche will offer all 911 product line. Could be that just several elite model will make it as 997 model.

    Anyone, any comments?

    Re: 997 almost ready for show room

    The 993 life was short, I think about 5 years. The 996 has been around for 5 now, but I think that the 997 will be an evolution of the 996 whereas the 996 was a revolution compared to the 993.
    Rounder shaped lights (although not round IMO)
    Better interior (Cayenne influence)
    More power but not too much (Unfortunately) I'm betting on 360hp max with an expensive power kit to 390. Any thoughts?
    As for your suggestion Ron, humm, I dunno to be honest.
    What you're saying is, they keep the 996 and bring out the 997 only as a widebody model and Turbo???
    I think that like the previous models, the Turbo will be discontinued, and they will start from scratch.
    Carrera, then one year later, Carrera 4, one year later the Cabs 2 and 4 and GT3, one year later, Turbo, one year later, GT2, one year later, 4S and Targa, history repeats itselfs
    As much as I'd love to see a Turbo cab and a C4S cab, I agree with RC, I don't think we'll see one. I hope I'm wrong but from a marketing point of view, doesn't make sense.
    Maybe a last ultimate version on the 996: A 345hp C4S cab
    I think the so called Turbo Cab and C4S cab we saw pics of on the Ring could well 997 prototypes. In which case, Porsche will have fooled us pretty well.
    But again, I'd be the first one happy to sign up for a 450hp Turbo Cab although a 500hp Gallardo roadster sounds good too

    You make sense to me fanch (nt)




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