Found Some Interesting 911R stats for the cars ordered in Germany, 50% Cars ordered White/White Salzburg colours and 40% ordered with no A/C... AP'a car has AC but no Radio/Nav. Sorry to disturb the thread and you can go back to your non 911R themes... 

C'mon...people are bored because there isn't anything really new right now...

I wouldn't trust these stats too much, unless they come from an official source (do they?).

White makes sense, no A/C not really and no Radio/Nav, don't know.

Fact is: The 911 R is not really a GT track car, even if it should be very capable. 

I am actually very curious about the first track test (people may be in for a surprise Smiley) and how many owners will actually drive their 911 R to the track. Considering the car's collector's value, even now, I guess many won't even see the track, probably not even a normal road. Smiley


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