I would say in Canada (at least my part of it) the 80% rule of GT3s at some point seeing a track is true. 

Remember the Porsche Club of America is well over 130,000 strong. The Ontario chapter (Upper Canada Region) has over 3,000 members now I believe. That region averages over 700 different members on the track for at least one event every year and runs about 20-25 track days a year. 

I'm still firmly in the 911R with back seats is my perfect Porsche camp. I have a fast, loud Porsche with no rear seats and can't take my kids in it. I won't buy another 911 without rear seats and would love a (more) track capable car that I could drive to the track, play around for the day and then drive home. If I want another race car I'll buy one, but I"m not looking for a truck, trailer, spares, slicks thing again, I just want to be able to drive to the track, tootle around at a fast pace and be very engaged and then drive home. Perfect for a 911R. If it had back seats.


Past-President, Porsche Club of America - Upper Canada Region