GT3 RS - ready to answer the call.

The cockpit, either in the air or on the ground, is one of the happiest places for me.

I had lots of fun today. My daughter and I started out with an old fashioned picnic at her former University and followed it up with the new movie Mission: Impossible - Rouge Nation, which we enjoyed very much.


@Pentium:  Always welcome :)

@Joost:  Thank you for your compliments. A talented beauty indeed! I personally like the "Happy Legs" posting a lot-- just so fun, warm, and friendly.

@Enmanuel:  Yes, maybe there is. She has many fashion design and enjoys sketching new ones a lot. Last May she actually participated in a fashion show and showcased four of her dresses.

@Gnil:  Thank you! Some people actually do make that mistake. angry Where did you fly to that day? The picture looks cool!

@RC:  kiss


If I don't fly, I drive my .:RS