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    Re: I never thought it would happen to me

    rhino said:
    I agree with not buying the lights off the black market, because it just perpetuates the problem. On the other hand my sales rep gave me the number to a stereo and alarm shop near Champion. They are goin to install shock sensors under the lights and a couple of air horns under the bumber. All this gets wired directly to the stock alarm. It is the only defense I have been able to find. If you want thier number let me know. The install is running me $475.oo w/tax.

    Excuse me for the lack of vocabulary, but that is AWESOME ! All you need is a hidden camera to video tape the theifs reaction. I am interested, however I have now encountered some more problems pertaining to my vehicle's engine. I will keep you guys posted.

    Re: I never thought it would happen to me

    This problem is not just affecting P-cars! My wife took her Lexus RX in for service last month and they installed a microdot system on the lights with stickers on the lights and windows (without asking or charging). This in N. Virginia! It's all the rice burners who need blue lights for their souped up cr*p cars!

    Re: I never thought it would happen to me

    I had the same thing as nemo2006 says on my RX400.

    The solution is a change to the light assembly which requires a code after they are un-powered by removal, similar to modern stereo head units in cars. Given all the electonics and compute power in these cars, that should be easy to add. Then the lights are useless if removed, and thefts will stop.

    Trying to chain them down will just lead to $thousands of body damage in addition to the loss of the lights.

    Re: The only thing I can think of... .

    ADias said:
    MMD said:
    seems like we should be able to tunnel back there from the open hood and fix a wire or chain to the units to make them impossible to slid out.

    I recommend NOT to do that at this point. PAG should have done that when they first came out on the 996, and thieves would know that the light assemblies were anchored from the inside - a simple bolt through the wall inside the trunk would suffice. If you lock them yourself, it will only lead to damage of the bodywork, given that thieves are not expecting that and will force their way through.

    This is really an unfortunate situation. Even if PAG changes the design on the 997 or future cars, stupid thieves will attempt (and damage) those cars, because they will still think that the units are simply snapped in place. STUPID PAG design decision, really.

    That's the thing: you get to keep your lights and most likely get some damage in return. Maybe you could live with the damage for a while. Especially with a PROFESSIONALLY MADE "warning" sticker (good local graphic design outfit) that already-attempted-to-steal-and-failed damage will be the end of your light loss problems for a while.

    If this idea catches on then maybe cars with stickers won't even get approached?

    Tough issue..., real PITA.

    If I lived/parked where they were getting stolen all the time I'd give it a try; just to "fight back." Even though I'd probably get a bigger bill from the damage. Just sitting there hoping not to get "raped" isn't very appealing option.

    Re: The only thing I can think of... .

    You can 'ask' Porsche to consider paying your bill and they will. You must write them and state your case.

    2 things Porsche should take responsiblity for:

    Xenons stolen, DAH, they slide right out, evidently some designer of the car forgot to secure them.
    Why should we have to pay when they are stolen in 2 seconds??

    The old rock flying through the front air vent which caused a puncture in a/c condensor unit..

    Aah well, if the vents are open in the front, a rock by default is gonna fly through there, ok, even a poor bird. Everytime a rock flies through it could cost me over $ 1000? No Porsche this is your design..

    Re: The only thing I can think of... .

    Sorry to hear of your current bad fortune!

    Re: The only thing I can think of... .

    I don't know. it seems like the suction cup is a nice clean way to get it over with. If you start anchoring them to the body, the next step for involuntary removal would be the pry-bar, with a good chance of paint and metal damage.

    Re: The only thing I can think of... .

    peecarfan said:
    I don't know. it seems like the suction cup is a nice clean way to get it over with. If you start anchoring them to the body, the next step for involuntary removal would be the pry-bar, with a good chance of paint and metal damage.

    Indeed, it's like a vicious cycle of automotive nightmares! There have been many good ideas...but bottom line, Porsche has to step up to the plate and come up with something. Sure, there will be damage to some cars, but eventually they will realize a pattern of difficulty in taking the headlamps. Something must be done!

    Re: I never thought it would happen to me

    Well, its a comprehensive claim, rather than collision, so your insurance should cover without any negative impact to your premium.

    As far as the people that stole your headlights.... Florida has a death penalty and this is the perfect application.



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