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    Shifting Delays

    I got my Cayenne S a week ago. Although I warm up the car for about 10 - 15 minutes every morning since I live in freezing Boston. Yet, I noticed that every morning the engine delays in shifting when I first start driving.

    I feel the RPM goes higher than what it normally does, and then you can clearly know that the engine has shifted from the pull feeling the engine generates.

    However, after driving for 10 to 20 minutes, all of that goes away! Keep in mind that I'm very soft on the gas pedal since the car is still new, therefore, I assume the engine should shift with no hesitation!!

    Waht do you think? Any comments? Do you think there is something wrong or that's normal?


    Re: Shifting Delays

    It's normal. It is part of a program to rapidly warm the engine to optimum operating temperature. This reduces emmissions and makes it more efficent. To accomplish this the transmission will start in 1st gear (normally starts in 2nd) and will also hold gears longer to keep rpms up.

    Re: Shifting Delays

    Magic said:
    I got my Cayenne S a week ago. Although I warm up the car for about 10 - 15 minutes every morning since I live in freezing Boston.

    The Cayenne Owner's Manual states, on page 62, "Do not warm the engine while stationary. Drive off immediately."

    Re: Shifting Delays

    warming up for 10-15 minutes sounds very long, usually I just wait until the RPM drops from just right above 1k to less than 1k and drive it immediately (most of the time because I'm late to class LOL)

    how many miles is your car right now?
    usually I start with D1 one too after I warm up the car, but after I drive it for a few minutes, it starts with D2

    Re: Shifting Delays

    Guys, thank you so much for your input, I've been noticing the performance of the car and I believe it's GOLDEN

    As one of my friends said "Although it has a tiger performance. Yet, the cat need to warm up)

    Deetz, my car is still like a baby. It only has 170 Miles on it. That's why I've been taking forever to warm up the engine and been so smooth on the car.

    Re: Shifting Delays

    wow!! what a brand new car LOL, how many miles did you get it in the first place?

    I had 3miles on mine, now its 4500 :(



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