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    Luigi and other owner, build quality question

    Posted that on the Modena CS thread, wrong place.
    I think I have made my choice, I have to own one, otherwise, I'll always regret it.
    And if I don't like it, never mind, 360s tend to hold their value quite well so I won't lose much on the resale.
    I still have time though...
    Got the gear lever from Santa this Xmas, looks nice and cool on my shelf, apparently, it is the real one too!
    From a 456GT, it's a start
    Couple of questions guys:
    How do you compare your 360 to the 996 in terms of electrical and built quality?
    I know, I have asked a similar question before, sorry...
    What I mean, is for example, how good is the stereo, the air con system, the quality of the switches, etc. etc. etc.
    I heard the aircon can be faulty, and that the fuel gauge is rubish and also that the windows don't always work.
    True or BS?

    They are about the same. If I had to choose one

    I would choose Porsche gauges. My gas gauge on the F-car rarely reads correctly. Keep in mind it is a hand made Italian car.

    Re: Luigi and other owner, build quality question

    François, the 360 is an extremely well built car and feels very solid, it's ages above the 355 in terms of build quality.
    As Nick says, it still is and feels like a hand made italian car, but with a different solidity than with the previous models.
    As far as your questions:
    the radio is on par with PAG
    the air con is maybe even better and works perfectly
    the switches work well, but lack the smoothness of the Porsches(they still do the job perfectly )

    May I give you a suggestion: go to your local dealer and arrange a test drive.We can talk about the differences in air con and switches, but you have to experience what it is to sit and drive that thing.I think some of your questions will then be answered...

    P.S. If you can, try both the 6sp and F1 system, I want to know what your thoughts are.

    Re: Luigi and other owner, build quality question

    Yes, that's the plan Luigi,
    Thanks for your reply anyway, this is getting better and better, now the worst part is gonna be the wait.
    On the phone to the Paris dealer, the guy told me they don't do test drive, I can understand that, but it's a bit annoying.
    I'll be in Paris next week end, so I'll pop by, in the 996 or the SL, I know it's sad, but to them, I think it makes a difference. I don't give a s... but the salesman surely thinks differently when he sees a mid 20s guy walking by foot or a mid 20s guy arriving in a nice car. Anyway, off topic...
    I'll try to try both, but it'll be hard
    Right now, I've only tried the manual which if bloody fantastic, the only criticism (it was a long time ago) was that the steering felt light, lighter then my 996. Not as communicative, but the rest easily surpassed the Porsche.

    Re: testdrive

    i've never been to a paris ferrari dealer, but my personal experience in germany was that if you visit the dealer directly and make serious that you are really interested but still have some doubts about e.g. day to day usability he offers a testdrive all by himself. my dealer said "we normal don't do this and it's hard but if you want i can arrange a car in 2 or 3 weeks". so give it a try

    Re: testdrive

    Yep I think you're right Zzoba, Ferrari is not your everyday dealer where you just pop in and try the car.
    I think you establish a relation with the salesman and once he knows you're serious, you can go for a short spin.
    I'll keep you informed,
    Visiting the workshop will be exciting anyway

    Re: testdrive

    François, regarding the steering of the Modena, it is on the light side(although yo me it seems a bit heavier than my GT2's), but I find it very comunicative, and even if I loved the steering on the GT2 and GT3 I think the one on the Modena is maybe even a bit better.
    Concerning your problems getting a test drive: first rule is never ask for it on the phone.The salespeople at the dealership want to see you, to see if you're for real or not.It also helps to get there with a nice car.Sad but true.
    They should be able to briefly let you test both the F1 and 6sp.
    If they don't, just test the F1 and then come here to Milano and I'll let you test mine.Although it might not be an objective test since mine has a slightly different noise to it...

    Ahhh, Italy...

    Hehehe, you got it man
    Milan sounds good to me.
    I love your country soo much,
    Spent new year's eve in Venice, wonderful,
    All great, the people, the food, the place, the canals, the beauty, the weather (not perfect but good), the atmosphere, everything
    It is truly magical, sadly for us, NO cars
    But it's for the better, trust me, I cannot think of a city in the entire world where you can walk around in complete silence.
    Amazing and sooo romantic.
    If you have a girlfriend, a fiancee or a wife, I highly recommend it
    Forza Italia!!!



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