Very funny and interesting as always, here are a few highlights:

Rather than discovering dancing girls and champagne being dispensed by the fuel rig at 12 litres per second, I found an angry David Coulthard venting his spleen to an equally vexed Christian Horner, technical director Gunther Steiner and team manager Dave 'Stubbsy' Stubbs.

The story goes that the safety car stitched DC up by not waving him through to complete another lap before it picked up the leaders, as it was supposed to.

To add insult to injury, evidently the FIA officials did not notice that when DC drove up alongside the safety car to have some kind of sign-language conversation, Jenson Button and Juan Pablo Montoya cheekily ran up the other side and overtook the Scot! Nice move, fellas!

Ultimately worries about the outcome of grands prix and lost championship points were forgotten later on as the whole paddock headed to the Red Bull end-of-season party on the south side of Shanghai's Huangpu river.

A few highlights included the following:

* FIA president Max Mosley getting down to the DJ's beats and helping award the prizes to Red Bull's Formula Una grid girls competition.

* Kimi Raikkonen keeping his distance in the roped-off VIP section while Juan Pablo Montoya hung out with his McLaren mechanics Lee, Paul and engineer Phil in the public area.

* Rubens Barrichello looking the happiest anyone can remember (was that because he's out of Ferrari?)

* And finally Renault press honcho Bradley Lord pouring a glass of Vodka Red Bull over my head when I suggested McLaren should have won the constructors' championship. A fitting way to end any season.

See you in March.

Ted's Chinese GP notebook