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    Audi Pine Peaks...more attractive design than Cayenne?

    You decide. I actually love it and the 500 HP bi-turbo engine adds the "final touch".

    I saw it at the Detroit Auto show. What was interesting

    that this vehicle was not available to the public like the Cayenne. Porsche had 5 Cayenne's all open to the public to get in a out of it. Audi had this car on a pedestal roped off.

    Most of the people have very positive comments about the look of the car. It is an impressive looking SUV. Sad to say that was not the case with the Cayenne. As I watched a listened to people get in and out of it most thought it was a novelty i.e. a Porsche SUV.

    Many comments were similar to what have been posted on most Porsche sites. It is clear to me that if Porsche is going to succeed with the Cayenne it will have to rely on its own customer base. People buying the Cayenne ONLY because it is a Porsche. I do not believe many people will buy it because of its styling, performance or features.

    Re: I saw it at the Detroit Auto show. What was interesting

    personally i like the pikes peak's design more than the cayenne's. but having in mind that it is a concept car -- and that audi design IMO is in a dead end -- i am kind of disappointed.

    no innovations to expect from audi . ordinary audi design meets touareg meets A8 interior. and then attach some "hummer H2-style" add-ons and chromed alloys...

    nice looking SUV? yes
    SUV for the next generation? IMO not

    Re: I saw it at the Detroit Auto show. What was interesting

    Be careful, concept cars are most of the time much nicer than production cars.

    A concept car, doesn't have to deal with cost, production issues, noise,.....

    I do agree with zzboba, it's a very nice car, but Audi is stuck going nowhere. They may be very late comers too if they decide to enter this segment. We'll see

    Agree with you guys

    Much better looking than the Cayenne (mind you, that's not very difficult ) but not revolutionnary.

    Re: Audi Pine Peaks...more attractive design than Cayenne?

    I saw this and the Cayennes at the Detroit show as well. I like both, but was surprised that I liked the Cayenne so much. I thought the design looked very powerful and clean, and very much an extension of Porsche's simple "stretched skin" lines. I spent two days at the show (a great place for automobile lovers), and frankly got a bit tired of the new creased, sharp designs that seem to be in fashion. I thought the Cayenne design, in the midst of all of this, was refreshing.and even unique. I was previously bothered by the high front undercarriage look, but as thought about its off road angle necessity, and my preconceived image of race cars with low front chins, I began to see the design with more respect. I also think the new crystal silver is a wonderful color, and found the Taureg lacking in overall crisp styling (the grill looks cheap to me, and the tailights are weak).

    I thought the interior was attractive and purposeful, and made the 911 interiors look dated. I sat in the cars many times, and felt as if the interior was made for drivers--a Porsche trademark.

    Having said this, I did listen to public comments, which ranged from puzzled to disdain. No one raved.

    My favorite designs? The Ferrari Maranello, and the new Aston Martin Vantage conceptdue out in 2005. And watch out for the Japanese automakers--Nissan in particular. They are talented and determined...



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