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    Re: Carlito...

    RC said:
    Maybe you should have posted these results too.

    Here we go:


    Interesting! Am I right that the Aviator is the only ladder frame body? I believe all the rest are unibody construction.

    Wonder what the Aviator has done to match the construction integrity of unibody cars.

    Although, following Brunner's post, I'd rather be in a 911.


    Re: Carlito...

    GM Austin said:
    Back to the F-150 (which is the top selling US vehicle, BTW), just when we all agree it's a death trap, here comes this news from The Car Connection

    That is good news. But there is no confusion, this is only for the new 2004 model which they had to completely re-engineer from scracth according to the article, and we can see the results of such dramatic redesign in the crash results compared to the previous versions. Finally they take passive safety more into consideration, so the public and media pressure is working, now there is active safety to work on.

    I never would have guessed it was "The world's most mass-produced vehicle" according to the article

    Re: The truth about SUV's... The New Yorker article

    This has been a very interesting thread. Clearly the large ladder frame SUV "trucks" can be very dangerous, particularly if driven like normal cars.

    Our weekend fun car is a 996 and it has all the active safety one could ask for. Our daily driver these days is a Toyota Landcruiser, with a full steel bullbar and 10,000 lb winch out front. I bought it for camping holidays and mountain adventures. We used to drive a small Jetta like city car around town but have taken to using the 'cruiser instead. My wife and I drive it very carefully, aware of its handling limitations, its lack of crumple zones, and how much more fuel it uses if not driven slowly. But we are also aware of the research in Australia that shows that the Landcruiser is the safest 'car' to be in if hit by someone else, which is our main concern. As long as we continue to drive it like the truck it is, we expect to be OK. But we will buy a Cayenne as soon as we can, so that we have the best in both passive and active safety. I will keep the 'cruiser for those mountain trips, as the Cayenne will simply not match its capabilities in river crossings, mud bashing and rock crunching.

    Thanks for the interesting reading folks.

    Re: The truth about SUV's... The New Yorker article

    Hey, I recognise the nickname, nice to see you here Rick!

    Re: The truth about SUV's... The New Yorker article

    Yes, welcome to Rennteam. And, you make a very good point about the large SUV. It is favored by many parents, not only for it's interior volume, but also because it is massive and offers protection when hit by another vehicle. Many parents will be piloting these vehicles with extra caution because of the passengers they have on board.

    How about a photo of your Cruizer. I would like to see which one you have. The model sold in the US as the Landcruiser is more a luxury model I think, somewhat larger and heavier than that sold elsewhere. I believe the current US FourRunner is on the same platform as the rest-of-world Landcruiser.

    I agree with everything that the author says

    In my opinion, it is a well written article and bang on point. I agree with everything that the author says. In fact, I have been saying many of the same things myself for a long time.

    Sure, many of you here have valid points. Yes, it is a very general article. But look who the audience is? I don't think you can reasonably expect this article to deal with all of the details and nuances that exist. That's what this forum and other specialist sources are for. What this article was intended to do was to make the reader think about the topic where in general society there has so far been precious little thought.

    I totally understand those that say that they need this sort of vehicle because it is the only vehicle that will meet their needs.

    So is it a small minority that is considering the BMW X5 and the Porsche Cayenne. For most it is too expensive and far too hard with not enough of the creature comforts to satisfy them. Have we not heard people crying here about how stiff the ride is on the Cayenne?

    Sure, good car companies with solid development skills can maximise the handling of the SUV to be a cut above the rest. But still this is a compromised vehicle that is never going to do things as well as a similarly well engineered sedan or station wagon. That is simply a matter of physics. Just as sedans and wagons can also be well engineered but themselves will never compare to a well engineered sports car.

    There is a big problem at the moment with far too many people in the USA using these SUV's for purposes other than what they were intended (for example, commuting single-passenger daily to work). I strongly support the tripling of fuel prices in the USA. I think that alone will take care of the problem. Those that really need to drive these vehicles will continue to do so. Those who don't will reconsider. The world will be a safer place.


    Re: I agree with everything that the author says

    Personally, I agree with what you just said 100%, Stephen.



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