Exactly. The regular 991 now with turbo is too comfy and not exclusive enough... They need to expand the GT lines, 4 seaters, convertible, with or without wings...

You mean the solution to the too comfy regular models is to make the GT models more comfy Smiley 

Why would you want them more comfy? Adding two seats and chop the roof has nothing to do with confortSmiley

You think because your GT4 is manual it is more "manly"? Well think again, my wife loves her manual mini...

Actually, it does, but indirectly. 
The much stiffer GTx spring/damper combinations have never been installed into cabrio 911s for a very good reason. The punishment which the suspension subjects the body to is too great for the less rigid convertible bodies, and would cause them to fail early. For the same reason, Porsche has been unable to offer lowered versions of 911 cabrios in the past, even when the lowered suspensions were available on coupes. 

These are excuses... Ferrari does it, McLaren does it, Lotus does it... Porsche has way more money and resources than all combined.

I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for Porsche to expend those resources developing the umpteenth 911 variant just to be able to offer a car with such conflicting characteristics that from the outset it would only appeal to a very limited circle of potential buyers.