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    Recent Cayenne Recalls

    Hey all! I'm a student at UW-Madison, and am currently working on a project for an HR class. Porsche was the company my group was assigned. (A true pleasure for me as I grew up around them, and come from a family loyal to German cars!) My assignment is to analyze moves made by the company from an HR perspective- why the move was good or bad. My group has chosen a recent wiring recall, but I've noticed that there have been several other recalls on the Cayenne as well. Can any of you suggest some good sources of information? I've consulted Automotive News and have paged a bit through Panorama, Autoweek and C&D, but haven't really found sufficient information.

    Any Help would be greatly appreciated!


    Re: Recent Cayenne Recalls

    All official recalls in the US will be documented by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This is a link to the vehicle search page at NHTSA: web page.

    Re: Recent Cayenne Recalls

    The recent news about the recalls on certain Cayennes really was jumping the gun. Porsche Cars North America has not yet issued any recalls on the Cayenne that relate to the recent news stories. A good source on recall information can be found at That site can give you information on recalls for other makes and models as well as a wealth of other informatioin. You may also want to look at Porsche Cars North America's web site
    Another idea is to stop by your local dealer and talk with some one in the service department, either an advisor or service manager if they have the time available they may have additional information or ideas for you.
    I hope this helps and good luck on project.

    Re: Recent Cayenne Recalls

    Kara_S said:
    ...but I've noticed that there have been several other recalls on the Cayenne as well.

    I'm not sure but I think you're mixing up a few things.
    A recall is something manufacturers do because of safety concerns, a pretty serious measure. Some countries demand a recall by law if there is a safety problem.
    A fix is something a manufacturer does to improve, fix or change functionality and this happens all the time with all manufacturers worldwide. Most people even don't know about it because most fixes are applied at the dealer without even telling the customers. Some fixes aren't even applied automatically if the customer doesn't file a complaint.
    You're mixing up fixes with recalls.
    To my knowledge, there are no "several other Cayenne recalls".

    Re: Recent Cayenne Recalls

    David in PDX said:
    The recent news about the recalls on certain Cayennes really was jumping the gun. Porsche Cars North America has not yet issued any recalls on the Cayenne that relate to the recent news stories.

    Is there any internet source for these "news"?
    Any info would be appreciated.

    Re: Recent Cayenne Recalls

    Try a Google search using "Cayenne Recall" It should bring up several different news papers with their associated articles.
    I agree, there is a big difference between a service campaign and a service recall. If a vehicle is subject to a recall, the customer must be notified by the manufactorer. It is also possible to have a recall for a vehicle if it is registered in a certain region, while if the vehicle was registered in a different region the recall may not apply. (example; a warm or cold climate concern.)
    Did I manage to clarify things up, or did I just make it worse? (or still the same)


    Re: Recent Cayenne Recalls

    Thanks Guys! I realize there is a difference between service campaigns and recalls. I did get some information from that discussed some problems that they have had with the Cayenne. Another member of the group said that she had found recall information about an inadequate ground connection between the spiral ring of the tank filler neck and the pipie to the fuel tank. But, acc. to the nhtsa, it may only affect about 35 vehicles. Thanks for the other info source ideas! I'll check them out and be back if I have more questions.

    Thanks again, Kara



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