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    Re: SLR is a mega success

    He is in my city as we speak! the Arsenal is playing the Celta de Vigo in the Champions League But at least he is not freezing his gonads off like the Real Madrid players who are up in RC's land about to shut Kahns mouth again with a few goals from Ronaldo, Raul, Figo, Cidane et al

    from this moment on, germany is offically renamed to "RC's land"

    Re: Carrera GT 0-306 km/h Video!

    Hier gaat ie!
    RTL Autowereld

    Re: Carrera GT 0-306 km/h Video!

    Bilal, based on the wild assumption that your post was intended to be taken seriously, I would like to address a couple of points. Unlike most of my responses to your posts, this one is not meant to be a pee-extracter.

    Bilal Siddiqui said:
    Why does everyone "blindly assume" that the SLR is a disaster car?

    I think that, considering the MB/McLaren pedigree of the car, and the super-car hype, a lot of people were expecting a follow-up to the McLaren F1 (road car), and were very disappointed when they saw the SLR in the flesh. It looks like there was little input into the concept from Gordon Murray or McLaren, but an awful lot of cynical opportunism from the suits at MB who just look upon the car as a way of boosting their image while making a fast buck on the back of their Formula 1 tie-up.

    Bilal Siddiqui said:
    If anything, the SLR is the best handling car Mercedes/McLaren have ever made save the F1 and CLK-GTR Supersport.

    Well neither the F1 (road car) nor the CLK-GTR were Mercedes/McLaren combined efforts, and they haven't made any other road cars together either, so you would have to be right there.

    Bilal Siddiqui said:
    I eman come on, since McLaren yes the F1 company, designed and built the damn car, don't you think they'd give an ounce of interest to high speed stability or handling? Why did Mercedes give the SLR to Mcalren to build? Because McLarne have extensive F1 experience, and don't tell me that means nothing....

    As I said above, I suspect that McL did not have enough of a free hand, and that's why the car ended up as the work of too many cooks with differing ideas of which spices they needed to add.

    Bilal Siddiqui said:
    Its like we blatantly derogate the SLR I mean with the exception of CF, how many of you have actutally driven the car?

    I am among the 5 billion people who have not driven the car, and I probably never will, but that is not the point. I was expecting a technical tour de force along the lines of the F1, but found a cynical marketing cop-out aimed at buyers with more loot than taste for real race- or sportscar engineering.

    Bilal Siddiqui said:
    And without that airbrake, the SLR would do 220mph, and THEN take off...

    Well, if you discount the aerodynamic drag involved in helping keep cars on the road at that speed, there'd be lot more of them capable of 220 mph.


    Re: Carrera GT 0-306 km/h Video!

    Bilal, when are you going to learn that this is a dedicated site for the coronation of the CGT as God's car. Contrary or opinions not holding this car in nothing but hallowed light are blasphemous.

    Get with the program. The CGT is the ultimate in sport cars never to be equalled and forever revered.

    (Porsche private prayer..."If only more people would buy one".)

    Sorry guys I could not resist.

    Re: Carrera GT 0-306 km/h Video!

    I should have known

    Just kidding, Fritz whatever you say man.

    Re: Carrera GT 0-306 km/h Video!

    Mooi filmpje merci!

    Great CGT movie with sound, dutch spoken located 3/4 down page under 'aflevering 8'.

    Re: Carrera GT 0-306 km/h Video!

    merci = thank you right?

    Re: Carrera GT 0-306 km/h Video!

    By chance do you have the downforce numbers for each car at 300kph?

    Re: Carrera GT 0-306 km/h Video!


    Re: Carrera GT 0-306 km/h Video!

    those are wondeful pics



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