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    Hey RC

    Any idea when we will get some detailed info on the GT3?



    Re: Hey RC

    RC has the answer for you already


    Re: Hey RC

    Ron, I think he's looking for info like production numbers, CS for USA?, weight, options, etc...

    Re: Hey RC

    Looking for more details that that, like an order guide...



    Re: Hey RC

    Roy, right now I'm in Austria on a short family vacation.

    As soon as I get back home, I'll look into it. Right now there is no order guide available but it should be available soon. I might be able to publish some details from the german order guide if this is some help for you.

    Greetings from Austria (cold and snowy),
    RC & Family.

    Very Cute

    She looks natural on skies , few more year and here she comes Winter Olympics.

    Re: indeed!

    oh yes, very cute!!

    when i tried to ski some years ago i was amazed about all the kids going down the hills like they've never done anything else!

    have fun in the snow! i assume you've got the porsche sledge

    cheers; zz

    Thanks guys...

    ...I'm even more proud now.

    Now, I don't have the Porsche sleigh...I was afraid my little one could hurt herself on the metal. Will look into it, maybe, next year.

    BUT...I'm near the Porsche Museum in Gmünd and maybe I'm able to take some interesting pictures over there. Unfortunately it closes at 4 pm and we're usually having activities (skiing, skating, etc.) until that time.

    And you're right: kids learn skiing extremely fast. Our 2 year old could do slalom (curves) after only 4 days of skiing school. Unbelievable how fast little children learn. We plan to take her with us skiing next year and maybe in a few weeks near our house.

    Sorry for the off-topic stuff but proud fathers always tend to speak too much.

    Re: wonderful pic of your daughter

    Thanks for sharing that pic, it's a great one. Speaking just for myself now, my kids quickly graduated from the bunny slopes to skiing all the same runs all day long. And at the end of the day they were fresh and energetic and I would be dead tired, my legs feeling the pain. Ahh well... they must increase and I must decrease...



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