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    Tyre inflation gadget?

    I went to 3 petrol stations to pump the tyres up and the inflation machines were all not fully operational this time. I was wondering is there a plug in tyre inflation machine that i can keep in the garage that isnt 12v.
    If you know then where can i get it?

    So I can inflate the tyres without hassle. Plus the one you get with the car is a pain to get out and put away etc.

    Re: Tyre inflation gadget?

    I just bought a really cheap appliance (looks like a drill) which works with rechargeable batteries. It came with a couple of adapters one of which is for tyres. It works fine but is way to slow (half an hour for a couple of psi) and therefore not really usable except for fine adjusting the pressure.

    So I would recommend one which has its own tank and does not run on batteries. Should not be hard to find. A quick google search returned this URL which seems to have a wide selection: I'm sure you'll be able to find something similar in the UK.

    Re: Tyre inflation gadget?

    What about a bicycle pump. No batteries, will pump up to 100+ psi, burns calories while you pump your tire.

    Re: Tyre inflation gadget?

    I installed an air compressor in my garage. It has a small tank similar to a tank of propane. Works great for lots of things, including car tires, basketballs, air cleaning attachments, etc. Now all my friends come over and fill their tires.

    Re: Tyre inflation gadget?

    Yes, just Google "Cordless Air Compressor" and you will find many choices. I have a Bon-Aire Model #SRC-50 that I use and it work really well. It is cordless and comes with a 12 volt power pack, a 12 volt power/charging cord for lighter application, varous tips, and a 120 volt AC charging cord. I am sure that you can find one that it is adaptable to your environment. They are located at 873 E. Citation Court, Boise, ID 83716 and phone is (800) 874-5771.

    Re: Tyre inflation gadget?

    Thanks alot for all the tips. There are alot of portable units so I am looking into all the options. It would make it easier to keep the tyres at the right pressure.

    Re: Tyre inflation gadget?

    flap said:
    What about a bicycle pump. No batteries, will pump up to 100+ psi, burns calories while you pump your tire.

    Seriously that will work. If you get a high capacity one it'll pump up in no time. That's what I used to use before the air compressor. It beat going to the gas station and fooling around there.

    Re: Tyre inflation gadget?

    The cordless/rechargeable inflators are great--I rarely use my tank mounted air compressor to air up my tires. I've got the one Campbell-Hausfeld sells. Costs $40 at Walmart--I'm fairly sure there should be something similar sold in the UK.



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