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    Some Maserati news

    Hey guys,
    Just had a drink with my friend who works at Ferrari and here are the news for the Geneva show.
    I promised not to repeat but hey, I just have to share that with you! Nothing amazing though.

    1- Project Kubang has been canned. Investment in the Quattroporte were huge and despite the agrement with Audi/ VW, it has been decided to postponed the project to an undetermined date. IMO shame, bc that car looked gorgeous.

    2- Official presentation of the MCC/ MCS (MCS is the road version name, 25 made, will be mor expensive than the Enzo, orders have already been taken!!!)

    3- Official presentation of the Coupe Grandsport. To the Coupe what the Stradale is to the Modena. Track friendly. Carbon Fibre used extensively in the cockpit. Still a 2+2 (and a real one!) 400 hp, lighter but I don't have the numbers, sorry, and 19in plus new exhaust.

    Now let's see in Geneva how reliable my friend's infos are, but I trust him.

    Re: Some Maserati news

    Fanch said:

    2- Official presentation of the MCC/ MCS (MCS is the road version name, 25 made, will be mor expensive than the Enzo, orders have already been taken!!!)

    Wow! more exclusive than Enzo

    Re: Some Maserati news

    Fanch said: MCS is the road version name, 25 made, will be mor expensive than the Enzo, orders have already been taken!!!

    And I take it it will outperform the Enzo now since its derived from the racecar version, MCC. I wonder how Enzo owners feel about that? and it doesn't even wear a Ferrari badge!

    Imagine if Porsche gave Audi the CGT and their engineers, to turn it into a racecar and race it instead of Porsche doing it themselves, and on top of it, for homologation purposes, Audi made 25 road going versions that outperform Porsche's own CGT. As a Porsche enthusiast, I would not be a happy camper... though its even worse with the Enzo, since its may asset was supposed to be that its the most racecar/radical/trackiest supercar while the CGT's virtues do not rely mainly on track performance, but rather also on usability of that performance on streets, reliability, sophistication, etc. so a race derived version would not compete with it so much as would with the Enzo. So I wonder how the Enzo and Ferrari fans took to the idea.

    Re: Some Maserati news

    Carlos, you beat me by a few seconds!... That's exactly what I thought too. I wonder how Enzo owner are going to take that. Especially the ones who are still waiting for their car to be delivered. They thought they'd get Ferrari's top, and now little sister Maserati has something even more extreme. huh?


    Re: Some Maserati news

    THe MCC during testing. They didn't even bother to remove the Enzo bodywork on the Maserenzo

    Another Maserati news

    Official introduction of the Spyder Tropheo. Not a road car as I've understood it.



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