Hi Guys,

first of all i would like to announce that USB isn't always as good as it used to work most of the time. Called it crap.


O few days ago i visited the Meilenwek in Berlin, where i live. The Meilenwerk is an old depot where trams used to be stored. Two years ago the started to renovate it very very well and now it houses car polishers, leather care spacialists, oldtimer workshops, sound equipment and also the local ferrari and maserati dealer - scuderia berlin.
They had an F430 not only on display but as test drive car. In Scuderiared, black interiour and it was stunning in metal. The exhaust pipes are THAT big and it sounds awesome!

In the workshop there were two additional cars waiting for the final inspection to get deliverd to the customer. The salesmal told me that i could get one in late 2005 if i would sign the conteract right away. Or if i would like to think about it i could get the first in 2006.
At Meilenwerk there are also boxes to store your cars. And there is one of the last deliverd Enzos waiting for spring. Black with red interiour.

A few days later i walked around - with my camera - and walked by an other F430. In black, red callipers, scuderia shields and black interiour. Racing seats and red stiching all over. Amazing! The typo-sign inside said: "F430 - NUMERO UNO"
Should it be the real thing? The very first one? Or does every dealer get this kind of gimmick?
I took several pictures and as I tried to transfer them they got erased! I never had this kind of problems, of course not with more boring stuff like holiday pictures. Murphy's law!
I hope you can share at least a little bit of my experience. And when i see "NUMERO UNO" again I will just wait for the driver and ask them to drive to my computer and do it in real time!

The best to everyone!