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    Those air intakes.....

    Notice there has been a fair amount of banter on here about the silver or titanium air intakes on the side of the 987... My car is due for delivery in March and I had originally chosen a silver car because of the clash with all other colors. However after speaking to my dealer I'm thinking of having them color coded to match the rest of the car, which is Basalt black by the way...

    What are peoples opinions on this? And do any of the photo shop gurus on here fancy modifing a picture of a black one for me!!!! Tried myself but dont have the skills!!!!!!

    Re: Those air intakes.....

    I didnt realise colour coding was an option.

    I changed my order from Mightnight Blue to Arctic Silver after the launch night - but the change was rejected even though it was 3 or 4 weeks before the date the dealer had told me was the last time i could change!!

    Is this always what happens? I cant remember what happened with my last Boxster. Why cant they give you a firm date and be able to stick to it? Especially since the deposit it refundable up to the point of 'final spec', how can that date then be so vague?

    I was more annoyed at the principle of it, rather than the colour choice, since i was still undecided which to go for anyway.

    Oh, and there's a photoshop in the 'japan pics' thread.

    Re: Those air intakes.....

    Hey! I would have changed mine from arctic silver to midnight blue (with sand beige) having seen the launch cars! The only reason I didn't was that I guessed it would be too late to change for Feb 05 build. I was right, because I wanted to add Park Assist and couldn't.
    I don't believe colour coding is an "official" option but the dealer told me that he could colour code the centre console if I wanted it, as that option was not available in time for me to spec it officially.

    Colour coding? I think I would have left them, because if the side vents are colour coded then I guess to look right the front ones would have to be done as well.

    Re: Those air intakes.....

    Color coding on the side intakes is NOT an option Not even with the guys in Porsche's Exclusive dept. i asked.

    I am sure though that any dealer can do it almost at no cost.

    I do agree with you in color of front grill painted as well. I am not sure if same color or at least black. here's an example i have posted before in red and black, its not perfect but you get the idea.

    Also, speedart and techart will be introducing aero kits for the 987 in the next 2 to 3 weeks my guess is that they will be pretty nice, let's hope...

    Re: Those air intakes.....

    senra said:
    I am sure though that any dealer can do it almost at no cost.

    Re: Those air intakes.....

    I couldn't come to terms with the contrast so took the drastic step too of changing the car colour to match the intakes... oh, that and I didn't think Cobalt looked half as good away from the Paris show lights, well not Pounds1000 good....

    If you do go for getting them colour coded though don't think you'd need to do the front ones, they're a lot less 'in your face' as side intakes. The problem I feel with the side ones is that it's not just the 'fins' of the intake that are that colour but the surround too, if it was just the fins I think it would look a lot better as it wouldn't be so 'in yer face'.

    Re: Those air intakes.....

    You need to get color coded 1 single part. The entire side comes out and your dealer can paint it as it was in 986 03 model.

    regarding the front grill, you have 2 options, 1, try to paint the 2 front grills in the color of the car or a cheaper one, get the dealer to replace the 2 987 S front grills with 2 987 black grills.

    Re: Those air intakes.....

    LOoks much better color coded IMO... And yeah those peices just pop out for the dealer to color code... whether or not they will do it for free is another matter though!!!!!!!

    As for the front ones, ive never really noticed those so will leave them

    Re: Those air intakes.....

    I am thinking if Porsche is offering those vents in color(s) other than the body color then it'd be a pretty good icon to differentiate the orginal 987 and a "revised" 987 later on (say my2007,8,9..). You know, just like the orange corner lights and "clear" corner like on the 986.

    Re: Those air intakes.....

    Not sure why they wanted to hilite these angular Toyota MR2 looking intakes to begin with. With the Porsche " organic " design ethos, you would think they would be slightly more radiused in the trailing edge like prev Boxster's , even if taller now.

    Re: Those air intakes.....

    You can always just go for Sealgrey

    Re: Those air intakes.....

    nearly did for this very reason!! Looks great in seal though.... After seeing your car It makes me think that I am definatly going to get them matched up...



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