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    Still no snow tires for 997 in US??!!

    Well, I've called my dealer for the 100th time in the past 2 months about getting Conti snows put on my new 997 and the response I consistently get is that they won't be in for another few weeks yet. My question is are there others out there (US based) who are have the Contis and if yes, from what source?

    Re: Still no snow tires for 997 in US??!!

    Are you sure they aren't available? Porsche offers complete winter wheels sets and they should be available through Tequipment. The tires only are hard to get right now but it doesn't make much sense because you need rims too, right?!

    Re: Still no snow tires for 997 in US??!!

    This should not be this mysterious. Why dealers in the US are so clueless about something as simple customers asking for snow tires for a car that is not known to be terrific in the snow is beyond my comprehension. It's like I'm trying to order an O-ring for the shuttle!

    Confused as to a) why my dealer does not have the tires, b) why I have to go through some after market distributor and which is best (Tequipment or Wheel Enhancement) and c) why the need for separate rims for snows, although I know this has been discussed before.

    Re: Still no snow tires for 997 in US??!!

    RC - PCNA doesn't even have a 997 Tequipement section on its website yet!

    Re: Still no snow tires for 997 in US??!!

    KenH said:
    RC - PCNA doesn't even have a 997 Tequipement section on its website yet!

    Ouch. Sorry to hear that. What is the reason for that? Do they first have to "certify" all that Tequipment stuff for the US or what? I'm clueless.
    I'm also somehow confused regarding the Conti TS810 S winter tire. I just came off the phone with a german friend who is in the US right now (NY). He checked with a few tire dealers over there and NONE even knew about the Conti TS810S winter tire. Some called their warehouses/suppliers and got the answer that Continental doesn't make such a tire. Can you believe it? I mean I have the TS 810 S on my 997, it is no fantasy thingy. Strange. Maybe it really has something to do with certification for the US market but it is sad that Porsche sells the 997 and doesn't offer the HIGHLY RECOMMENDED winter tires for it. Ouch again.

    Re: Still no snow tires for 997 in US??!!

    This subject is being covered on several different posts. I have been having the same experience, as recounted separately. It is a joke and PNA is a joke, only except that it is deadly serious to be forced to drive a 997S in the snow with summer tires.

    As mentioned elsewhere, I now have the Pirelli Sottozeros on my car courtesy of Tire Rack. And as predicted, within one week of first shipment they are already sold out for the season and they have no other recommendations.

    These Pirellis are anyhow not N rated. No N rated tires are available in the USA. My dealer has no solution. PNA has no solution.

    Someone on this message board did say that they had seen a leaflet in their US dealership listing PNA recommended tires. Certainly not at my dealer.

    Alin2 seems to have found some 18" conti 810's but I'm assuming they are being directly, i.e. grey market, imported.

    PNA is selling a near $100K high performance sports car during the winter in the northern part of the USA without making sure appropriate snow tires are available.

    It is surely inviting a nice class action law suit.

    Re: Still no snow tires for 997 in US??!!

    I really don't understand why PCNA isn't offering winter wheels for the 997 in the US. When do they want to sell them? In spring?
    Sometimes we really feel dumb. We put so much energy and persistance in getting information and a few little reviews for you guys and the things we're talking about (20 mm chassis, winter wheels) aren't available (yet?) in the US.
    Porsche issues official winter tire recommendations but they don't have the winter tires available for every customer. This is really not understandable.
    I have to agree that it isn't easy to predict how many winter wheels will be sold and I also agree that there seems to be somehow of a shortage of 19'' Carrera S rims supplies but the US is not only California and Florida, so Porsche really has to get their priorities straight.

    I'm sorry guys, I feel for you. I decided to put winter tires for the FIRST time on a sports car and I didn't regret it. Especially now with those nasty winter weather conditions in some parts of the US, winter tires would really be a MUST.
    But maybe this will comfort you (somehow): the TS810 S also have their downside, especially in the dry. I'll write a little report tonight.

    Re: Still no snow tires for 997 in US??!!


    So far I must say the Pirelli SottoZero's seem very good. Maybe not N rated, but N rated don't exist in the USA other than maybe one or two companies importing grey market.

    And as for PNA, I'm sure they will understand very nicely when they get hit with a 'class action' lawsuit that they have some basic responsibility to organize snow tires in markets where there is a lot of snow.

    It's rather silly, but the American way.

    Re: Still no snow tires for 997 in US??!!


    My dealers thus far has been very good and has never, yet, blown steam up my a$$. They just ordered a set from Germany. The Parts Manager just called up a screen on his computer that showed them backordered @ PCNA, but with over 30 sets in Germany. He then just ordered them from PAG I guess. I called on yesterday, and he confirmed that the order was acknowledged and that delivery should be in the middle of January. Can't other Porsche dealerships do the same? I guess I'll find out if they are lying in a couple of weeks...But, if I get a set, I can't beleive the other dealers can't do the same. It's just a push of a button on the computer...

    Re: Still no snow tires for 997 in US??!!


    I have been in Mexico on vacation the past week and didn't have a chance to speak with my dealer further to your last post.

    I will report back once I have.

    Out of curiosity, what are they charging you for your tires?

    Re: Still no snow tires for 997 in US??!!

    Continental TS810 S are not avilable in Uk either, tried both Porsche and Continental and got a similar reply in that they do not make it in the size for the rear tire !!. I have explained that they sell them in Germany, but nobody has come back to me !



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