I don't really thin Porsche cars if people think their style is getting 'old and boring'. The people who buy these cars like it this way, and a lot of the people who don't hate it. For example, Jeremy Clarkson used to hate Porsche and their 'lazy designers', but then he drove a C2S, and like it a bit more, though he still hated them. Then he drove a 2010 GT3 in Italy, and had to reconsider his love for Ferrari because the GT3 was just that good (on topic: he fell in love with the classic design). I really doubt Porsche is going to drastically change their design, ever. If they did, the 911 would cease to be a 911. The 911 MUST remain an evolution of Porsche. The design DNA, flat 6, shape, and rear engine must always remain the same, whilst only being further developed over time. I don't know why so many people tend to hate on the 911 these days. In my opinion it is still THE sportscar to have.