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    Fast Tracks - F1 the way it should be


    Judging from the layout, the first corner is a little like Suzuka.

    People want a long straight for start/finish, somewhere it has to end with a corner. A slow corner is better since the accidents will be at lower speeds, so I can see the logic behind the layout.


    The best circuits are collection of straights joined by necessary corners


    Monza (awesome)


    hockenheim The old legend THE GRAY


    Paul Ricard




    Canada  2 straights + 2 hairpins




    Silverstone TURBO DAYS - even the corners were fast





    suzuka - graceful curves, still fast





    Spa turbo




    Re: Fast Tracks - F1 the way it should be

    All-out racing fast on the starights and fast in the corners, always on the limit. The RECORD year when Keke Rosberg set a qualifying lap record averaging 160 mph!


    Great clear video of the greats at Silverstone, that's when I got addicted to F1. The 1 and only chicane was taken at 130mph. The turns at 140. This was racing, drifting in the corners.


    Re: Fast Tracks - F1 the way it should be

    Watch Rosberg slide as this video starts and then see Prost overtake decesaris



    Re: Fast Tracks - F1 the way it should be

    Senna + Prost at their very best lap the field in the dry and battle 1-2 with a 2 second gap then swap the lead, best of F1





    Re: Fast Tracks - F1 the way it should be

    Great discussion here of the 1985 season and F1


    some comments

    One of the best formula 1 seasons ever! Multiple drivers won a race, multiple teams were competitive, tracks like brands hatch, the old A1 ring, Zandvoort, Kyalami, Paul Ricard with the Mistral straight at full length, rio, Silverstone and the first year of adelaide. Senna, Lauda, Prost, Mansell, De Angelies, Rosberg (the tough one not the girly one) Albereto, Piquet. Manual gearbox’s, Massive horsepower, the old chicane at the harbour at monaco.

    How our sport has withered and turned limp…





    I think nowadays it is about the same as the power used all weekend, which is between 740-770bhp. They’ll have a setting on the engine to produce a little more power but the crucial difference between now and 1985 is that the engines have to last a lot longer.

    Back then they would use a specific engine for qualifying which would produce enourmous amounts of power (BMW turbos in the Brabhams were producing 1,500bhp!) for a very short period of time before they would becomes unusable, usually because they exploded and /or disitergrated. Unsurprisingly, they were known as ‘Grenade Engines”

    In the race, they would use a more durable, normal engine (if you can call 900bhp engine normal) but even then, with the technology they had and the massive pressures of the turbo’s, they would still explode.

    Re: Fast Tracks - F1 the way it should be

    Hockenheim - the long version



    a great overhead shot of the forest section,




    Re: Fast Tracks - F1 the way it should be

    hockenheim forest section recently 




    Re: Fast Tracks - F1 the way it should be

    Such a shame!

    Re: Fast Tracks - F1 the way it should be

    What a shame. And you know what, in DTM they shortened Hockenheim even more, so the cars spend more time in sight of the Mercedes tribune.


    Sometimes, those marketing guys just don't get it. Smiley

    Re: Fast Tracks - F1 the way it should be

    I will be there this weekend for the DTM / Carrera Cup to see what it is like, though I do hope, that they will not make this shortening a permanent feature of the track in Hockenheim...

    Re: Fast Tracks - F1 the way it should be

    I LOVED THE OLD LONG HOCKENHEIM RING. It was my favorite F1 race for years. So sad they cut it into this ugly and soulless thing it is today.


    indeed shifting is ancient technology - so is a fuel burning engine..  I happen to like both :) 

    Re: Fast Tracks - F1 the way it should be

    Just came back from Hockenheim - though, I had my seat overlooking the "Sachs-Kurve" (and therefore could not see anything of the new short-cut) - as a spectator, yes, you feel like you see more action (whatever this means), as a driver, a liked the previous layout of the course where at least you had two more or less fast straights...anyway, we had such a bad weather today with losts of rain and temperatures of less than 10 degrees (C), that drivers of all competitions racing today did a pretty good job (ok, there have been some hitting whatever walls...), because there have been moments when one had to fear that they cancel the sessions completely due to the heavy rain...So, to sum up, I guess we had our show today due to the weather conditions but not because of the new shortened track...

    Weather forecast for tomorrow gives us a good chance of dry conditions, but still low temperatures...I will see whether this has an impact...




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