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    AMV8 Volante

    According to the chatter on the pistonheads forum, Aston Martin will "officially" present the AMV8 Volante, the convertible version of their AMV8, in March 2006 at Geneva. AM has submitted sketches and filed offically with the UK Patent Office. Here is the link:

    Ron, are you in the market for an AMV8? I'm going to look at one with a DB9 this January. Have you had a chance to see both models?

    Re: AMV8 Volante

    Hey Al,

    If you're thinking about backing out of your AMV8 send me a PM.

    I have seen them both V8 and the DB9 next to each other in the launch event in Houston. I can't really tell which one is better looking 'cause to me they both look beautiful.
    But I think I would pick the V8 because it seems to be more on the sportier side than the DB9, which is a GT.

    Nonetheless, DB9 or V8 are both gorgeous cars and nobody would go wrong with either selection.

    Re: AMV8 Volante

    Drove past a AMV8 parked up yeserdat, stunning. IMHO the best looking car on sale at the moment and if the DB9 volante is anything to go by, AMV8 volant is going to look just as sweet..

    Just wish I could afford one!

    Re: AMV8 Volante

    Ron and Rich,

    Indeed, both cars still strike my fancy, can't wait until January when I plan to look at them.

    Re: AMV8 Volante

    Called into my 'local' dealer at the weekend to have a better look - beautiful car - hope to get a drive soon.

    Was surprised when I first sat in the car - seemed no head room (I'm 5'10"), dropped the seat and still didn't feel like loads - any of you taller people thinking about one make sure you have a proper sit in it first.

    I'm a big convertible fan and have a LOI in for the Volante, but it'll be interesting to see how they do the roof to try and keep the lines....

    Re: AMV8 Volante

    I'm also 5'10" and I had no trouble with my old BMW M Roadster, also with little headroom. At least with the AMV8 Volante, you can always drive with the top down.

    Re: AMV8 Volante

    Hi Rich,

    Read my post regarding this.

    I'm 6'2", when I dropped the seat I fit perfectly and still had head room. I tend to lean the seat back a bit may be that's why I felt ok .



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