Carlos from Spain:

Ferrari and Lambo rules as looks go...when I was 6 to 35. Since then I would take a 911 of any variant over a Lambo or Ferrari any day! The only Ferrari I would drive regularly is a FF. Understated cars are better than outrages looking cars, for me. 

I'm the same as you. Also, the more understated, the more you can enjoy the driving aspect of the car on the road because you don't get as much attention.



⇒ Carlos - Porsche 991 Carrera GTS


speed cams work equal for all cars, don't they:::))))

I don't think he is talking just about attention from the police. Whenever I am in my friend's Aventador or Speciale for example, we get mobbed everywhere we go and people take photos of us as we drive along anywhere. Never happens when I'm in a 911 turbo. Surely it's not enjoyable having all that attention wherever you go?! I reckon part of the reason why Lambo and Ferrari owners don't use their cars as daily drivers is because of all the attention!

i agree that attention can be disturbing but i do understand why nobody is interested in taking pictures of a 991 turbo. just not 'speciale' enough::::))))

however, going from a black 458 italia to a white 991 GT3 RS the amount of attention i get in the streets has only increased. for me there is no comparison in terms of esthetics (the 458 wins the contest by a wide margin) but probably people are drawn in by the wing. 

anyway, who cares, let them take as many pics as they like.....