the RWS edition would be a blast on track. I don't know where it stands on weight saving but should be better.

I understand your explanation on the R8 and the ''image'' everybody has from it as an ''Audi''.

no hype = no demand = current situation = very interesting price for buyer. I don't see any issue with that.

I am more into track and GT from Porsche but I completely see this R8 as a fun car for the road.

The R8 is an amazing track car (no surprise here, the R8 and the R8 LMS share 51% of parts, no road Porsche, incl. GT models, share that many parts with their racing counterparts, engine is actually 99% same in the race car, only slightly downtuned because of regulations and with a different injection system) but it needs the proper tires and a proper chassis setup.

The car can be tricky at the limit, car is also very very sensitive to tire pressure (one reason I drive with the comfort pressure up to 270 kph because it provides the best setup for the track and/or curvy roads).

Audi tried to make a compromise (chassis) and it didn't really pay off in my opinion.

There is a chassis upgrade available from Audi Performance parts, which makes the car really fast on the track (I got some numbers, apparently up to breathtaking 10 seconds faster on the Nordschleife) but it makes no sense getting it because it is expensive (7000 EUR incl. install), it deactivates Magnetic Ride and since I'm not often on the track, it doesn't make much sense.

Will probably go for the new wheel set though, which also includes Michelin Cup 2 (which are not really as good in the dry as the usual Cup 2, this is the Audi version which has been improved for wet pavement). Not sure yet though since I kind of like the current wheels as well and the PZero PZ4 has some big advantages in the wet, best wet tire I've driven for a very long time (in Audi carries an Audi rating).

Long story short: For someone who wants to pay little money for a great car and couldn't care less about brand image, the R8 is perfect. Smiley



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