I think that there will be NO particulate filter in the RS. First they will supply the EU market, after that ROW.
A particulate filter will come with the next generation (GT4, ...).

It would be "stupid" from Porsche to deliver the GT3 without an the RS with the filter.
There is no way that the filter doesn't "influence" in a negative manner (Sound, performance, ....).

But it would be as dumb to not fit a particle filter and so to limit production to a few month when they could of made many more over a 12 month period ....

Maybe that' s what they are debating now ? At the same time it is hard to believe nothing as important  is already set now, so close to launch time .

Two different German  dealers told customers that there will be cars available without particulate filter before the summer factory vacation and cars with particulate filter after the summer factory vacation. So there is definitely something going on in that direction but I haven't received any (semi)official confirmation yet, sorry. Smiley

That’s the info that can be found on german forums.I can imagine that dealers often gather their info from forums too, spreading the rumours.



White 991.2 GT3, production week 10