I saw an identical car yesterday in La Jolla. It’s a perfect car for your wife. 

Not to be a downer, but you have made it a point on this blog that Germans particularly in your neighborhood find owning high end cars a crude display of wealth. It’s frowned upon even by customers. Given all the nice cars you acquired recently,  have things changed?yes

Oh forgot: You haven't. I got one of the first customer cars in Germany. Smiley Smiley

Dealers in Germany don't even have test cars yet, the facelift hasn't reached the US yet (to my knowledge).

Reason is simple: It was ordered as a pre-facelift model and was changed to a facelift model very early.

Since I haven't ordered any special paint or special features, I got mine as one of the first.

Super cool - happy for you. 

I did see one in Zurich yesterday. Black/black roof. I recognized it was a facelift with the new LED lights.