Smiley Actually, I'm leaning towards white now since Nero Nemesis (oh I love this name Smiley) is an Ad Personam paint and costs  a whopping 11000 EUR. I know the manager of the dealership and he said he could get me Nero Nemesis (although Ad Personam items cannot be really ordered anymore, not even til the deadline on Nov 30th) but my sales guy said that if the paint needs repair (accident, whatever), it is a pain in the ass and he wouldn't do it.

So now I decided to go with the no cost option white after I evaluated all colors and the bright colors are out of the question because of...hold your breath...my neighborhood. I wish my neighbor already had his ordered 720S Spider because he ordered it in yellow but unfortunately it is coming 2020 or so, so no shiny color for me.

Plain black is a no go because you can barely notice the forged carbon parts outside the car.

Are you buying this time or leasing it? Smiley

I think I am going to buy it but dealer offered me a special 48 months lease with a 120k initial payment and a guaranteed  buy back offer, which basically (few EUR difference) results in the same total amount as buying the car immediately. So not sure what to do because it is tempting because if I don't like the car after four years, I could return it without having to care about resale value.

Most interesting thing though: Insurance is much much cheaper than I anticipated. 2850 EUR per year, full coverage incl. "everything" (except first 1000 EUR of damage). I expected much more, my buddy pays 4700 EUR for his Spyder, first 10000(!) EUR of damage are not included. When my insurance agent said this requires an "individual risk assessment", I thought it would be something around 4000-5000 EUR. Good for me. Smiley

good lord, we have a new RC on board...Smiley speaking to go outside of Audi comfort zone and even talking about purchase Smiley

I would buy one, next gen is hybrid crap. particulate filter will mute all cars. this car will remain in history of the best entry level in lambo fleet. I don't like 4WD cars otherwise I would look first at this beauty. supercar territory.Smiley


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