The 996 GT3 RS is highly sought after. Only 600 built and considered by some to be the most "raw" RS.

The most raw RS is the first, 73 Carrera RS 2.7.  The 996 RS is the most raw GT3 - big difference Smiley

LOL! Just as I pressed send I thought "Grant will mark the use of RS rather than GT3 RS" Smiley

Cheers for keeping it correct! Smiley

Just being salty today Smiley


16 Cayman GT4, 73 Carrera RS 2.7 Carbon Fiber replica (1,890 lbs), 06 EVO9 with track mods. Former: 73 911S, Two 951S's, 996 C2, 993 C2, 98 Ferrari 550, 79 635CSi