Look at the shameful laptime of the Aston Martin GT8 for the price it is marketed (including all must have options, 300k Euro on European Mainland). That is pure "driver car"! I like when Porsche or Aston Martin can't do any better than calling their car driver car when they are only slow cars. Funny enough, as a driver, I usually prefer to drive a quick car than a slow car. Tomorrow I will drive GT3 RS versus a 488 GTB back to back. Don't care about so called "driver cars". 

laptimes and 0-60 has no value in regular street driving.

Inspirine - maybe you can tell us more about yourself.  What cars you have now?  what have you had before?

When I was young, I almost only looked at 0-60 times on car reviews.  I think I can remember most of them by heart.

Over the years, after owning, driving and tracking many cars, I appreciate more about the overall driving feel that my cars can offer me, rather than its straight line acceleration.

Honestly, for city or even spirited driving, my old club coupe with just 381hp can keep up with any exotic cars in front of me no matter how they drive.




2010 997.2 GT3RS;  2008 Cayenne Turbo;  2006 911 Club Coupe;  2016 911 GTS Club Coupe;  2015 Macan S