Regarding UK allocations, there shouldn't be anything stopping you buying from any mainland EU country - you should be able to simply order a UK country-code RHD car (e.g. the reverse of what I did buying a German-spec LHD Boxster in the UK).  I'm sure some here could help with leads in e.g. Germany.  They will work out more expensive than UK prices, but if you really want one...


There is, Brexit!!! Smiley

Hay, Whoopy, don't be so insensitive. Smiley..

There are butch hairy men really trying their all over here. We are all going to locate your whereabouts and nick your stock..Smiley Smiley..


Hey I hold a UK passport.........So I am entitled to make fun of my fellow country man too! In a dry British humour way Smiley

Brexit affects me tooSmiley

But Canada is sort of fun recreationally, starting July 1st, if our spineless Prime Minister didn't back down from those pesky people form Quebec, weed will be legal across the whole country. But you still wouldn't be able to get a GT car from Porsche though Smiley