This is what you can get for $200,000. 610hp and would spank the 911R on any performance test. I just don't understand the passion for the 911R.

What do you think these two cars will be worth in 5 years?  Where is the beautiful gated shifter in the Lambo?  

Grant, your GT 4 is a great buy. It provides terrific performance in a mi engine manual car for less than $100,000. The R is a spare parts special which doubles the price of the GT 4 and marginally better performance. Don't get sucking in by Porsche marketing. 

I cannot say how well the resale value of the R will be. But most are buying the car not to flip it but to drive it. It will not drive much better than your GT4. It is beyond my comprehesion that anyone would pay over double what a GT4 goes for.If your unlucky enough to get an allocation, unless your thinking of flipping it think twice.

The Huracan is in a different league in styling, performance and gravitas. The R will disappear if it is parked next to a Huracan. The R is Donald Trump on steroids.


Of little, to make much: That is the dream of a human life.