Congrats RC! Nice move kiss

I would have been an idiot not to take this deal... Thanks. Smiley Smiley

Would have loved to get the C4 version but with the same monthly lease rate...28k EUR down payment. Ouch. Smiley

C4 versions sell very well here...

I truly enjoy my GTS. It is all the 911 one could ever need. In Sport Plus mode and PDK set to manual it is great fun to drive and so very capable and fast. In normal mode it is more S-class than sportscar.

Excellent car, no about about it. Actually, believe it or not but I am looking forward to the new 3.0 l biturbo engine because it will give me the pleasure of a "small 911 Turbo" in a convertible package. I loved my n/a 991.1 GTS but to be honest, it couldn't really keep up with the R8 in terms of throttle/engine response.

Two things I am less happy about:

  1. The engine has lost some responsiveness and character compared to the 991.1. I assume all due to the turbos.

This is something I know but actually will enjoy in the 911 because I was driving the n/a version for over two years. Only thing I am worried about is the exhaust sound but it isn't as bad as the one in my former 911 Turbo S.

2. The PCM software has too many bugs and spelling mistakes. Maybe I just need to upgrade the software? 

Interesting, good to know. Smiley Don't know how old the car at the dealership is, I think I saw it in August there but I'm not sure. So it may not have the latest PCM software but my wife has the same PCM in her Cayenne and didn't have issues yet. She doesn't use Apple CarPlay though and usually doesn't stream music (I assume this is where the issues are?).



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