Two things I am less happy about:

  1. The engine has lost some responsiveness and character compared to the 991.1. I assume all due to the turbos.

This is something I know but actually will enjoy in the 911 because I was driving the n/a version for over two years. Only thing I am worried about is the exhaust sound but it isn't as bad as the one in my former 911 Turbo S.

This is of course entirely subjective, but IMHO the 3.0l PSE has a nicer sound on the inside than the 3.8l PSE. More air-cooled howl.

The pops on the overrun in Sport mode are ridiculous though. Thankfully they are not present in Sport Plus mode. Although it does make them even more ridiculous, since it is too obvious that the pops are artificial.

If Carlos reads this, it does sound better on the outside too. That is not subjective. Smiley


2. The PCM software has too many bugs and spelling mistakes. Maybe I just need to upgrade the software? 

Interesting, good to know. Smiley Don't know how old the car at the dealership is, I think I saw it in August there but I'm not sure. So it may not have the latest PCM software but my wife has the same PCM in her Cayenne and didn't have issues yet. She doesn't use Apple CarPlay though and usually doesn't stream music (I assume this is where the issues are?).

Apple CarPlay actually works really well. No issue so far. The bugs I refer to are spelling mistakes such as Apple CardPlay in one menu instead of CarPlay, the setting for the sound bass is described as treble instead of bass in the menu, etc. All minor things, but somewhat embarrassing.

The one which does annoy me is the scope for the vehicle menu in the instrument cluster. It reverts to a default setting whenever the ignition is turned off and on again. I did not think one has to save the selection for the scope, it was not like that in the C4S nor GT4, but maybe I missed something. 


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