Am I nuts? An Audi?

After I wasn’t satisfied with a Porsche 911 Turbo S (991.1) I owned, a sports car icon?

I have to admit that I never liked the R8 and never actually considered getting one. Until I saw that used red „old“ R8 V10 Plus at a local dealer last year. That V10 engine in the engine bay kind of caught my attention and I asked for a test drive.

The experience was pretty emotional, something I didn’t really expect from an Audi.

For me, the Audi R8 was always some kind of Audi sales argument, a nice sports car fraud but not a sports car I would take seriously. Little did I know that the R8 is based on the Lamborghini Gallardo, something I only learned after I acquired a bit more information about this car.

Then, the new R8 V10 Plus came along, after the dealer with that used car didn’t want to meet my financial offer.

I took the new R8 V10 Plus for a short testdrive and I was hooked. The fact that this car is based on the new Lamborghini Huracan made the decision even easier since I always wanted to own a Lamborghini but was too afraid of the social impact in my neighborhood.

Yesterday, I had the chance to drive the car for a couple of hours on dry and wet roads and I finally was able to write up a little review to share my experience with you.

I apologize if I sometimes compare the car with my former 991.1 Turbo S or my current 991 C4 GTS Cabriolet but I think it is quite interesting to understand where Audi stands now with their new R8 and why I am really impressed with this car.


Looks: Exotic, looks better live than on photos. Lots of carbon all around the car's exterior (rear wing, rear diffusor, sideblades, front lip, side mirros) and interior (basically everywhere but engine bay carbon is optional and costs a whopping 3500 EUR). The car attracts more attention than I actually wanted, so although it has the Audi rings, it looks like an exotic and people are starring at it. You need to be aware of this, this is not your typical Audi.


Build quality: Perfect. I sat in a Lamborghini Huracan Spider for comparison and I'd say that the Audi build quality is even a step ahead but both are on a very high level. No comparison to my former 991.1 Turbo S and even a step ahead of my current 991.1 C4 GTS Cab (which is basically at the same build quality level as my former Turbo S). The interior looks and feels very classy, there are no complains here.


Emotions: Well, there is no comparison with my former 991.1 Turbo S. The R8 V10 Plus is a car which instantly produces lots of pleasant emotions but not only because of the wonderful n/a V10 engine but also because it looks, feels and behaves like a true sports car. Even the new virtual cockpit and the steering wheel controls play a part in these feelings.The engine and exhaust sound is just amazing, this car produces a sound which is intoxicating. Just watch some of the many YouTube videos, use headphones if you can and you'll understand. It is useless to try to explain how this car sounds, you need to experience it for yourself. The drive feel itself is very close to a race car, very light, crisp and direct but more of it when I talk about the chassis.


Engine: A true masterpiece. One of the last n/a sports car monster engines, a V10 with 610 horses and it doesn't only sound good, it even looks good under that transparent glass engine cover. Unfortunately the illumination is not permanent at night but it is certainly a great view, especially if the car also has the optional engine bay carbon package (3400 EUR) like mine. Audi has changed a lot on this engine to improve it over the "old" one in the previous R8 generation, it even includes a cylinder shut-off (from 10 to 5), to save fuel. You don't feel a bit of this technology, the new V10 engine is even louder than the "old" one and when you drive, you don't only hear that wonderful engine and exhaust sound but also some very nice crackle and hissing noises from the engine bay, as if a little dragon sits behind your driver's seat. This isn't exactly a quiet engine, by no means, even if the switchable comfort mode puts a layer of tranquility on the engine but like an open fire place in winter time, the various engine noises are just highly enjoyable and fun.

Throttle response in dynamic/performance modes is amazing and very instantaneous, better than on any Porsche I drove, which is suprising. The n/a engine certainly proves in the throttle department why no turbo engine, as modern as it may be, can have this kind of perfect throttle response.

At very high revving figures (above 7000 and more, the maximum power output is at 8250 rpm and the red line somewhere around 8700-8800 rpm), the engine screams but doesn't feel stressed at all, which may be an indication of the quality of this engine. In the US, there are tuned engines of this kind running at up to 2000 hp without any major issues. I guess this is Audi's and Lamborghini's "Mezger" engine.

The engine and it's sound and characterists are already a reason to get this car.

Fuel consumption isn't a highlight though, during my test-drive I had a fuel consumption of 19-20 liters /100km. At full throttle on the Autobahn, consumption goes up to 23-24 liters. Ouch. Haven't seen a much lower fuel consumption than 19 liters but I have to admit that I was driving the car pretty hard all the time. As soon as I have it in my garage permanently, I will try to figure out how much less fuel it can actually consume if I drive it slower.


Gearbox: The R8 V10 Plus uses a 7 speed dual clutch transmission and it works very well. Shifting times, especially under "load", are basically executed in real time. There is no feelable lag, which makes shifting in the new R8 V10 Plus a lot of fun. I do not have the shifting times at hand but I bet that this dual clutch transmission has one of the best shifting times on the market, at least at par with Ferrari's latest transmissions. Very nice!

Surprisingly, automatic shifting is sometimes more dramatic (and fast) than manual shifting. I cannot really explain it but I guess the car needs higher rev figures to be fast and when you shift manually, you tend to shift too early, especially when those yellow and red colors appear in the rev counter. For some country roads fun or even in the city, I would recommend the manual shifting but other than that, keep it in auto mode, it does everything amazingly well.


Brakes: The R8 V10 Plus has the ceramic brakes as a standard option. For the non-Plus model, they cost 8900 EUR. Are they worth it? Definitely yes, Audi uses the latest ceramic brake generation for the new R8. There is no squeaking at low speeds and even when it rains, the brake works pretty well without the need to brake it dry from time to time. There is a slight nervousness in the brake pedal when braking hard, especially compared to my former 991.1 Turbo S but you get to used it pretty fast. Braking performance is excellent!


Chassis: The chassis is a real treat, much better than I anticipated. My R8 V10 Plus is equipped with the optional Magnetic Ride chassis, which is basically an adaptive chassis similar to Porsche's PASM. The standard chassis for the Plus version of the R8 V10 is the sport chassis but the Magnetic Ride provides the advantage of being able to go from a soft ride to real track performance. The chassis modes are switched in conjunction with the engine/transmission modes (comfort, dynamic, individual, etc.). The car feels much lighter than it actually is (same weight as my 991.1 C4 GTS Cab but feels at least 200 kg lighter, no kidding!) but this has probably to do with the perfect setup and adaptation of chassis and steering (more about that soon). There is only very little understeer when you drive the car at the limit and that little understeer is soon exchanged for mild oversteer but in a manageable way, no real surprises here (as long as you don't switch ESP off completely). Side roll is pretty much non-existant in dynamic/performance modes, even compared to my PDCC equipped C4 GTS Cab.


Steering: My R8 V10 Plus is equipped with the optional Dynamic Steering. Usually, I'm not a fan of these kind of "assisted" power steering systems, one reason I haven't ordered the Power Steering Plus on my 991 C4 GTS Cab but I have to say that I am very impressed with the Dynamic Steering in the R8 V10 Plus. It changes according to the driving mode you're driving in and it works just perfectly at all speeds. The sportiest mode provides a razor sharp steering in, similar to race cars and, believe it or not, it feels sportier than the already pretty direct steering setup on my former 991.1 Turbo S and now C4 GTS Cab. Porsche has apparently changed the steering setup on the 991.2 Turbo S (facelift) to a slightly less direct one, which is regrettable. Maybe it was a bit too nervous for the usual Turbo customer? I don't have a clue. Long story short: The steering in the R8 V10 Plus is one of the best I ever enountered on a sports car and I drove lots of different sports cars in my life. It is also much better than the steering setup in the "old" (previous generation) R8.


Tires: My car is equipped with Pirelli PZero tires instead of the usual semi-slicks Audi R8 test cars seem to be equipped for various reviews. Please trust me if I tell you that you should stick with this tire for the R8. The Pzero is a perfect match for the R8 V10 Plus. Yesterday, we had 20°C outside temperature and it was raining from time to time. I did some pretty dynamic driving, to say at least, on dry and wet roads and the tires behaved amazingly well and neutral. I did a well known roundabout with this car at a speed of 80(!) kph on a wet surface, usually I do the same in my C4 GTS at 65, maybe 70 kph if I have a good day. Of course there may be a small speedo error but the R8 is insanely fast and stable on wet roads and the AWD seems to work amazingly well too. Actually, I could feel the dynamic steering changing it's behavior but I didn't notice the AWD and/or ESP working. Very good setup! Speaking of ESP: I was driving in Dynamic mode most of the time and the ESP never came on, despite some pretty fast driving I was doing. Overall, I kind of had the feeling that Porsche was involved with the ESP setup of this car but I don't have a clue if Weissach already had something to do with the new R8 or if it is solely the setup of the Quattro company. I will probably never find out.


Interior: The interior of the new R8 V10 Plus looks simplistic but very modern. Everything you need to see is displayed on the new virtual cockpit which I started to love. Most driving settings can be adjusted with the steering wheel buttons, even while driving. Accidental operation of these buttons is basically impossible, it didn't happen once to me.

My wife doesn't like the fact that she cannot change or operate the radio/music settings from her seat, the passenger has a small seperate control panel for volume and fast forwarding, etc. but thats it. There is no display and I realized that this can be annoying for the passenger. Audi should offer an optional display which slides out somewhere. Luckily, my wife won't join me too often in this car. I think.

The seats (optional sport seats) are comfortable and I would not recommend going for the standard bucket seats, even if they are for free. The bucket seats seem to get uncomfortable fast according to various reviews I've read. Their advantage for casual track driving is questionable.

There is a lot of transport room behind the seats, which is quite surprising. If you don't have long feet and/or like driving in that infamous frog position, you can actually fit two smaller trolleys or maybe even one mid sized trolley if you don't pack them too thick.

The luggage compartment in the front is quite usuable but not very big. Apparently Audi offers some sort of luggage set for the R8 which fits perfectly under the front hood and behind the seats in the interior but I haven't seen it and the dealer hasn't provided a price tag yet.


Infotainment: I already mentioned how great the Virtual Cockpit works, this is really next generation car display technology, using a faster GPU for real time animations without any lag (necessary for the rev counter for example). Everything on that display looks natural and it works fast, you can even have Google Earth displayed there.

I wish however Audi would offer different style faces to choose from, maybe with an update? You have basically one fixed style only, you can only switch the views.

The graphics look a bit more professional and mature than on the Huracan display (basically the same thing), which is a good thing.

There is a performance display you can activate within the virtual cockpit, where you can see power and torque in % but this sucks. Why not display real hp and torque output? Or I would prefer some detailed engine data but at least you get oil, water, etc. temperatures displayed in numbers.

The navigation system works fast and accurate, no complains here.

The Bang & Olufsen HiFi system is a bit of a disappointment. I read so much about the 13 speakers, even some in the headrests of the seats but in reality, it sounds OK but not exceptional. I would say it is somewhever between the Porsche BOSE and Burmester sound. Better than BOSE because it also covers driving noises when driving fast and hard (BOSE can't really cope with that in my C4 GTS Cab) but there is a lack of volume body and bass compared to Burmester, it is difficult to describe. Overall a good system but nothing to write home about. The speakers in the doors are illuminated at night, which gives a nice touch to the interior.

There is also Audi Connect with a bunch of online services and you can even set up a wireless hotspot in the car, so quite impressive for a sports car. Unfortunately, the Audi R8 doesn't offer CarPlay or Android Auto but theoretically, judging by the tech used, it should be retrofittable.

The transparent cover of the engine bay can be opened from inside the car but only when the ignition is on. There is some LED illumination inside the engine bay but unfortunately, it shuts off when the car starts moving. I wish it would work while driving at night, maybe a mild blueish and very pale LED light, it would look nice.


VERDICT: Audi did it. Amazing car, amazing sound, amazing drive, amazing setup and amazing build quality.

To be blunt, this is no Audi. This is a Porsche made by Audi. Or maybe an Audi Porsche should have made or whatever. This is an amazing sports car and I do not know who had the saying in the development of this car, if it was the Quattro GmbH at Audi, Lamborghini or even Porsche but the result is almost perfect. This time, the word perfect can be used in a very positive sense because it is a perfect sports car, not a perfect car or a perfect daily driver. The Audi R8 V10 Plus has every ingredient you need and want to enjoy an emotional drive and if you prefer comfort and tranquility at some point, can have that as well, basically at the push of some buttons. I love this car! 




This photo actually proves my point with "socially acceptable". Look at the car on the right and the bicycles...pretty much a good reflection of my social "environment".


I have to leave the car in a garage near by because I still have the Jeep in my garage (when the Jeep goes, the R8 comes home...).



UPDATE (July 4th 2016):

1. Amazing performance on wet pavement, actually the best sports car I ever drove in rain. Very neutral AWD setup (Dynamic driving mode S manual or auto), tires have great grip in rain.

2. Rough shifting in Dynamic driving mode S automatic, similar to Huracan, which can be annoying at times. Solution to avoid it, is to press the throttle 3/4 first and then after a second fully. If you fully press the throttle, prepare for a hefty neck movement. Smiley This happens only in automatic mode, not in manual mode! I have a suspicion regarding the ESP but I need to pay more attention first.

3. Fuel consumption (driven hard, mostly country roads, a little bit of Autobahn and city) around 23 l/100 km, around 2 liters more than my previous 991.1 Turbo S. Average fuel consumption during normal but fast driving is around 17-18 liters/100 km. I will try to achieve better results in less active driving modes and driving slower, to see what happens.

4. Very neutral chassis and AWD setup, oversteer can be achieved by using too much throttle in a curve but car stabilizes itself pretty fast once you reduce throttle. No oversteer whatsoever, unless you throw it into a curve but the rear kind of pushes the car through the curve and stabilizes again. Heavy oversteer can only be achieved in Performance mode DRY (AWD switches to a RWD setup...).

5. Easier to drive fast than 991.1 Turbo S but I suspect a slightly narrower limit. Turbo S usually starts to slide/oversteer mildly at the limit but the R8 keeps going and going with an amazing grip and I was just too scared to push it further because I didn't want to provoke that "typical" mid engined car spin. I wasn't able to drive the R8 at the limit on a public road but I plan to drive it to the track this summer, so I can learn how the car behaves at the limit and to feel the driving behavior close to the limit, so I can prevent a spin.

6. Ceramic brake system is amazing, no fading at all but when I brake at slower speeds (for example when I approach a red light or a main road I want to turn in) around 20-30 kph, I always get a slight "push" forward from the engine/gearbox because of the lack of an "engine brake" when in Dynamic mode and it needs some adapting from the driver. ABS is also working very well on wet pavement, the tires are also excellent in the wet and provide a lot of grip.

7. The steering of the R8 is amazing, light but very direct and with a very short travel way. Whenever I switch to my 991.1 C4 GTS Cab, I am surprised how heavy the steering feels and how much travel way I have to use to steer in. Huge difference. Actually, the R8 steering is one of my favorite features of the car, next to the engine. 

8. The Bang & Olufsen sound system is better than I thought initially, it just requires the right type of media source. Music from radio (even DAB) doesn't sound impressive but if you use the SD card slots for music playback or even BT audio, the sound quality is excellent and close the Porsche's Burmester system. Even at higher speeds and with lots of (engine/wind) noise inside the car, you can listen to the music without any major issues. In my 911 GTS, when I full accelerate, I barely hear something with the BOSE.

9. The initial enthusiasm for the Virtual Cockpit has faded a little bit. The display quality is quite amazing, no complaints here but the usability isn't as good and intuitive as I thought initially. Requires a learning curve if you want to go into the depths of this system, even for someone like me who loves gadgets and I wish I could switch to different GUI designs. There are only two modes, Sport and Classic. Not much difference in design between these two modes. Also, the engine information is quite limited, you get the oil and gearbox temperature readings and power/torque in %(which is quite idiotic and useless in my opinion...) and thats it. I like the tire pressure and tire temperature display though. Audi Connect is a nice feature but also a bit too complicated to use and every time you turn it on, you have to confirm that you want to use it. Speed is OK for 3G but not stellar, there is always a waiting time of 3-4 seconds before a new page shows up.

10. Parking isn't always easy with this car. I can barely see the rear rim in the right side mirror and while the rear view camera is a great help, I need to be very careful. Not a good car if you park in the city between two cars parked next to a boardwalk all the time. No major issues in parking garages or normal parking spaces though. 

11. Car attracts a lot of (unwanted?) attention. Especially young(er) people show thumbs up or take photos (and videos) of the car, so I wouldn't be surprised to end up on YouTube or Autogespot. Smiley Older people aren't that enthusiastic though, I got shown two fists by older people who thought I was going too fast in the city (I was doing 45 and 51 in a 50 zone...). Smiley Another problem is that many other drivers, mostly BMW and Mercedes drivers Smiley seem to think they need to test their cars against mine, had a A 45 AMG driver flash me with his headlights all the time on the Autobahn because I didn't move to the right...because I had three other cars in front of me. Smiley  Afterwards, when I moved away fast (of course), he passed me on the right with at least 50(!) kph more when I had again cars in front of me. Smiley In Germany, passing on the right is not permitted on the Autobahn and only if there is a traffic jam on the left side and all lanes are backed up, you are permitted to pass the cars on the left lane on the right but the speed difference cannot be faster than 20 kph. Many drivers are so ignorant of that, this is why accidents happen. Also, motorcycles seem to want to race me in the city(!), they always fully accelerate when I'm at a red light but I'm not crazy enough to do 100 kph or more in the city, I leave that to idiots. Smiley

Overall, I am very happy with the car but I wish I could drive it more often. Smiley

Conclusion: This is the car Porsche should have built... Smiley Smiley



UPDATE 2 (July 11th 2016):

1. Launch control works well but doesn't seem to offer a real advantage over simply flooring the throttle from standstill. I don't think I will use it again, not worth it.

2. Performance mode DRY offers incredible throttle response (even slightly better than in Dynamic mode) and a very aggressive (super fast but also uncomfortable) shifting behavior. 

3. Individual mode setting pretty much useless. You cannot use the Performance mode DRY settings to add them to the Individual mode setting, just the Dynamic, Auto and Comfort settings. Quite disappointing. I wish I could add the aggressive throttle and shifting behavior of the Performance mode DRY to my Dynamic mode settings (ESP, chassis, AWD, etc.) but for whatever reason, this is not possible.

4. In Dynamic mode, ESP comes on pretty often. I haven't noticed it before and you cannot really feel it but I can see the ESP light flashing from time to time but there is no noticeable power cut down or whatever, I only see the ESP light flashing. Apparently, the ESP setup is good enough not to interfere with the driving experience but I guess I should tone down my driving style a little bit until I figure out when the ESP comes on. Maybe on the track, where I can also experiment with the Performance mode DRY.

5. The steering is very direct and razor sharp, the front is very rigid and precise but the rear tends to come slightly but there is no understeer at all, which is very nice. The rear comes pretty sudden though but then, it pushes you through the curve, which is a nice setup for me. There is no need to counter-steer, unless of course you overdo it... Dynamic mode...I am to scared to use Performance mode DRY on public roads until I don't know exactly how it reacts under certain driving conditions.

6. The Bang & Olufsen sound is amazing. Listened to some dance music with my son and out of the moment, my son turned the volume up by at least 100%. I never did that. Wow, what a sound, no distortion, very clear base without any issues, just amazing sound. It can even cover the sound of the engine, which is quite impressive. We turned it down a notch afterwards though, I didn't want to end up with a hearing damage. Smiley Actually, the sound is even better than Burmester in my opinion. Not so much if you use the radio though, tried again and it sounded like crap. Don't have a clue why because the very same radio station, a DAB station, I listened to in my Jeep SRT yesterday and the sound was very nice. The Bang & Olufsen amp may not be OK with the DAB tuner of the R8 but this is just a wild guess.

7. Tried the laser light for the very first time at night and I was deeply impressed. The light makes daytime out of the night, very impressive. Perfect light for night driving, highly recommended.

8. Automatic shifting in Dynamic mode S started to annoy me more and more. I forgot I shouldn't floor the throttle immediately and did it, resulting in an extremely strong "hit" in the drivetrain and my back. Again, I thought there is something wrong with the car but this seems to be normal in this driving mode. Smiley Huracan suffers from the same issues but this doesn't mean it is OK. Thanks god, I'm barely using auto mode, so... Smiley

9. When driving over a very bad road very slowly in Dynamic mode (chassis is stiff), I sometimes get a squeaking noise which seems to come from the dampers and/or chassis. Not really a problem though.

10. Brake system is still amazing, no complaints here at all.

11. The shifting paddles are one of the weakest points of the R8, they do not "match" this car at all. They feel like cheap plastic, they are too short but at least they work well. I also still don't like the fact that they are moving with the steering wheel, why not use the fixed shifting paddles from the Huracan? Smiley Actually, I want to ask if there is a chance to install the Huracan shifting paddles to my R8 but looking at the steering wheel, steering column and everything, I doubt it is possible. What a shame!

12. Engine needs high revving if you want to be fast. This is fun but since the car is infernally loud once you pass 6000 rpm, it attracts a lot of attention as well. Not that I mind it though... Smiley With the sport exhaust turned off and comfort mode active, the whole driving experience becomes much quieter but this doesn't change the fact that you need to rev high to be fast, this is not a turbo charged car and the lack of torque in the low and middle end of the rev range is always noticeable. 

13. The flat front hood is very sensitive to stone chips and insects, so I guess I will need to have an invisible protective foil installed, as much as I wanted to avoid this.

14. A/C works very well when it is hot outside, I was afraid that the engine heat could actually enter the passenger room and annoy me but so far, the A/C does a great job and I don't even need a very strong setting to keep me cold. We had almost 35°C yesterday but no issues. I did not feel any heat coming from the rear, so my worries were unfounded. 



UPDATE 3 (Feb 13th 2017):

Car has 13000 km now...and I still enjoy every bit of a moment driving it, even in winter time.

It is now on winter tires, the recommended 19'' Continental SportContact TS830 R01, specifically designed for the new R8 and with a speed limit up to 270 kph (instead of the usual 240 kph). So far, no technical issues.

1. Winter tires work well with the R8 but only in Quattro Comfort mode. Very stable at high speeds but steering gets a bit nervous when you have to brake in curves at higher speeds, can be a bit tricky for unexperienced drivers. In general, the winter tires make the Dynamic Steering a bit more sensitive, so you need to be careful not to steer too much, for example when you pass a car very fast and need to change lanes instantly. 

2. Oil consumption is almost zero now. Filled oil up at around 10500 km and now at 13000 km, the oil level is the same.

3. Noticed a minor squeaking noise from the left door panel, which could be related to the temperature changes we had lately (minus 5°C, then plus 10°C and so on...). Could also be a minor quality issue.

4. The right carbon side blade seems to be a bit loose (not really loose but there is a difference to the one on the driver's side), so I'll need to have my mechanic throw a look at it. It didn't fall off during a 550 km drive last weekend, so I guess I'm good but still curios what is going on.

5. Car still produces lots of positive feedback from people, I get thumbs up from oncoming traffic and thumbs up from people outside on sidewalks and unfortunately also those who knock on my window (and scare the hell out of me) to play with the throttle at red lights. Still no scratches or dents on the car, knock on wood. Police also seems to love the car, especially Munich police. So far, I have been stopped by them five times. Five. Smiley No reason, I didn't do anything wrong and I haven't been fined. Mostly curiosity and the need to check on my exhaust, if it is street legal. One police officer threatened to take the car to the TÜV for a sound measurement but I stayed calm and explained that everything is stock and got away with it. I am a little bit worried about what happens if they decide the exhaust is too loud. This means I have to drive to the TÜV and this costs money and especially time. A bit annoying but there is nothing I can do about it. Maybe I should stop accelerating over 2000 rpm in the city. Smiley

6. I still love the fully digital display but I think that there should be some tweaks. When I start navigation, I cannot monitor the tire pressure anymore because the navigation directions replace it. Just one example of many. I also tried to setup up some POIs of my own and they don't show up anymore and I don't have a clue why. 

7. Seats could be more comfortable on longer trips. I always get back pain after only around 100 km of driving and I really tried everything to set up the backrest correctly. In the Cayenne or the 991.1 C4 GTS Cab, I never get back pain. Maybe I just don't know how to set up the R8 seats correctly, never really spent much time to do it but it is about time.Smiley

8. Windshield wipers are not really always up to the task, I need to use a lot of wiper fluid to get the windshield clean. I will have my mechanic take a look at it, a bit more pressure wouldn't hurt (there was a software update! to address this particular problem but apparently not much changed). Speaking of wiper fluid: The wiper fluid tank is too small in my opinion. Usually, I have to fill it up at least once a day when I drive a lot in winter time.

Car still doesn't get boring, the exhaust and engine sound are just too invigorating and infatuating. The chassis lacks a little bit the precision of a 991.2 Turbo S, probably also due to the lack of rear wheel steering but overall, the car is incredible fun and this hasn't changed a bit. 

More updates to come along the way...



RC (Germany) - Rennteam Editor Porsche 991 Carrera 4 GTS Cabriolet, Porsche Macan Turbo, Audi R8 V10 Plus (2017), Mini JCW (2015), Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT (2014)