The hydraulic suspension from McLaren is basically unmatched for street driving compliance, yet it is still capable of delivering on a track. Porsche's PASM on the 911 on the other hand are borderline for street duties. Even Ferraris with the mangetorheological suspensions rides better on the street. 


Have you ever driven the McLaren in Normal mode at higher speeds? This is horrible drive feel... "Unmatched" maybe in that it is totally below the required levels...

I drive it in normal mode all the time. Feels totally fine.

What is higher speeds? 150 mph? 180mph? I'm not sure how the car could have horrible feel at such high speeds because you'd be nuts to be doing anything other than going straight at such speeds. Car always feels fine anywhere from 0-100mph as far as I can tell.

Just turn the knob if you want it tighter.