I think it looks horrible in black... Ruins the whole idea... And the red stripes look tacky on black... Make mine white with red stripes...


Gee thanks for the compliments, I am having mine in black...................and I am skipping the stripes.

You love black, you will be fine... Color are just opinions...

One design feature of the R that made is different and really nice is the contrast of the black rear lid and lighter colors, combined with the stripes, just the way Porsche introduced it. It gives it that sort of racy look with the "elegance" of not having a huge rear wing. In the pics you can see this but it is even more pronounced in the flesh. I was blown away by the white R with red stripes, the nicest 911 in at least a decade...


I know what you mean, the Geneva car is just stunning. 

I spent many many hours deciding what to do wit the stripes and what colour. Probably changed it 10 times already. And I still have more time to change my order before it is locked.