Hi Rennteamer's

This is a video featuring the most impressive track day accident i ever saw with my own eyes(i was about 2-3 meters from the camescope). I was at the track but i only found this video 2 years after on an american web site(Internet bizarreness )and the video had been modified in a "drive safely" way ..

Don't worry, no serious injuries there, just a few scratches on the passenger's right arm.

Before some of you say "that's stupid, dangerous etc, etc...":

-All the drivers were ok with the way the Mitsu was driven.

-The driver is a pro, practicing his style for the famous french "Andros trophy"(ice races in the french alps Ft Alain Prost, Yvan Muller, Olivier Panis this season....).He races in the elite division for many years now.

-The Mitsu crashed while trying to follow the green MK1 elise driven by the 2005 (supercharged race category)Exige Cup champion.

-The Mitsu driver told us he lost the car because one of his "custom width" wheels unwelded in this high speed turn.

-For Mitsu fans the car is slightly modified to be able to slide as much as on the ice: very narrow tyres(175 or 165)with custom width-cut&welded wheels and a power kit (about 340bhp but i'm not sure as it was about 3-4 years ago).

-During a track day 6 months later, i had the opportunity to do a few track laps with him as a passenger and it was greaaaaaaaat fun. He was kind enough to explain me some "ice style basics". He even answered his cellular phone during a power slide turn......