I think the discussion about the NSX got lost in the data loss, so.... to review: 

The NSX has been much delayed and much changed, but final versions have now been shown and are being driven un-camouflaged around the US (production is in Ohio), latest word is production summer 2016 (so my guess is, sold as 2017 model year).   The linked article below summarizes final tech decisions, including Honda's decision to ditch the original production based V6 and design a bespoke V6 for this car.  Overall, it looks like providing a 918 for mortals....  Interesting interviews around with the chief designer (Michelle Christensen out of Honda's US design team) who talked about continually stripping down the concept cars overall shapes - the final result IMO is not bad, certainly much less busy than the concepts and no more so than competing cars from McLaren etc.  Not a Ford GT perhaps, but maybe more attainable?  

This will never be a hit in the EU due to widespread prejudices about Japanese cars and the strong support of EU sports car producers, but could easily do well in North America and Asia, where the original NSX had a very good reputation for fun per dollar, and being a very liveable mid-engine.   As always, the truth will be in the driving...





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