With PDK, Porsche will sell over 1,000 cars.

The current generation is way too easy to drive compared to the older 911's with a manual.

And it sounds horrible enlightened



The 700hp is a temporary *over-boost* (997 Turbo w/button) before you run out of tap water, kind of sad they can't offer a rock solid 700hp without b/s angry

This is what BiTurbo wrote in the last post of the old GT2 RS thread.

Maybe we should continue with this.  blush


The water is only in use if the ECU detects the intake temperature to be above a certain temperature. So it's actually not an "overboost". 

I had asked AP specifically about how long the water tank will last. His answer was that on a hot day at the Ring it will last 3 laps. So if someone is running the car at a cooler place where the intake temperature doesn't get above the threshold, the water tank could last forever as it won't even be called into action.

A hot day at the Ring is what? 25 degrees and up? 

So theoretically, say someone at a track day in say Silverstone in the summer, with ambient at 20 degrees or so, the water tank may not even be in use, or even if it is, it will likely last longer than a typical session time of 30 mins or so.