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    Re: 5 series new model

    BMW is suffering from its exterior designs. Interior design is fine IMO. Sometimes it's better than cars in its class and sometimes it's worse. It all depends on the generation of competitors, and as we all know, generation of cars never match.

    IMO BMW also needs a high-performance flagship. The i8 was a waste of a design. If they wanted it to be a hybrid, it should have been an NSX-level hybrid. If your car has doors that go up, is futuristic looking, and costs $150K, it should be super high performance. i8 is total shit as far as flagships go.

    Re: 5 series new model

    Oh, and speaking of MMI stuff, I saw a new Mercedes GLE something or other. Was a really nice looking car. Was a sort of creme color. When I went to find pictures of the interior, I immediately crossed it off my list. Where the fuck is the digital dash? This is a brand new model/generation. How can it still have analog dials for $70-100K?

    I really liked the design, but I refuse to buy new cars without the most modern dash technology.

    Re: 5 series new model


    The 1 series looks to put angry

    The 3 series looks boring vs. the A4. Better drive? Depends on engine choice.

    5 series vs. old A6: Again, it depends on engine choice. Old A6 interior is still nicer than 5 series interior in my opinion.

    I just realized that most BMW and Audi are basically boring because they are...stuffy. angry

    Same goes to Mercedes. There aren't many car models I would call interesting or cool. yes

    I'm starting to realize that it's not worth it to buy a top of the line mercedes, bmw or audi. These cars might be fast and all, but they provide no emotion what so ever. There are heavy, provides no thrills other than bangs and cracks, and I have less and less interest in driving them.

    With a limited amount of money, you're better off buying a boxster for the fun and an average audi for the daily duties. Smiley There's no point in buying just an M5, except if you can afford a sports car and an M5. 


    Re: 5 series new model

    very boring take on the same has been dead for me for a while now.....

    Speed has never killed anyone, suddenly becoming stationary... That's what gets you.

    Re: 5 series new model


    Audi should not adapt the UI to each model differently. That makes no sense from a brand perspective. Audi wants an R8 buyer to own a Q7 and an S8 or whatever, and the buyer should be familiar with what he's buying in terms of usage. Everyone in the family who uses the cars should be able to use them all easily.

    This is not about a completely different design but they just cannot look exactly the same (and they do). There needs to be a slight variation in design, so you know exactly in what model you sit in. So far, Audi hasn't been very good at it. 

    The virtual cockpit will save Audi tons of money (same display for all cars, variations through GUI design only) but it is time to make some adjustments. 


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    Re: 5 series new model

    If someone would like to buy  the new 5 series maybe you can get a favorable offer for the car used in this movie smiley

    Bildschirmfoto 2016-11-17 um 17.00.40.png



    Kind regards, Conny 

    Audi R8 V10 Plus (2016) BMW 740xDrive (2016)




    Re: 5 series new model

    All other car manufactures adds are so lame in comparison to this short film.

    Great job by BMW.

    Re: 5 series new model

    A Big budget damsel in distress short film with a overdose of generic tacticool.

    Might be the only film ever made that shows a Humvee accelerating with a BMW. indecision

    Re: 5 series new model

    The car looks great. But it needs those rims, in that dimension. Otherwise it quickly will loose the appearance!



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