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    What are the odds?

    I saw a Silver (very bright silver) DB9 yesterday it looked unblievable and this morning in the freeway I saw another one Navy bluish color. I consider myself very lucky to have seen this beauty in person for 2 days in a row.

    It looks very aggressive from the front view and not so aggressive from the rear view, however I think I'm inlove again

    Re: What are the odds?

    Lucky boy ron!
    I love that car, I can't wait to see it in person. Did you by any chance hear it?

    Re: What are the odds?

    I think Ron, that you and I have a serious soft spot for Aston. If I were going to England next summer to drive at the Millbrook test track, would it be better to use a DB9 or a Vanquish?

    Re: What are the odds?

    The DB9 may not look as aggresive but it's more recent, same power and I think lighter. I think the DB9 is the more advanced car. There will be later, a new Vanquish based on the DB9 I guess.

    Re: What are the odds?

    I am thinking the same actually. However, the I will probably not get a chance to drive a Vanquish in that kind of environment ever again. It shouldn't be a disappointment either way....


    Re: What are the odds?

    Unfortunately I didn't hear the sound. But I happened to drive next to a DiabloGT today for about a mile and what a sound ,intoxicating

    Re: What are the odds?

    Well for those of us in LA, the car will be at the LA auto show (Jan. 2 - 11).

    Re: What are the odds?

    so will be the CGT :-)

    Re: What are the odds?

    I agree Ron, the DB 9 is a stunning car indeed.
    And I especially love the starter button that glows red when you turn on the ignition and turns pale blue when the engine is running. I have seen and heard it (on tv) and am happy to report that it sounds just as good as the Vanquish.

    If you want to see the start button in action and hear the lovely sound of that V12 engine, then you can download the Fifth Gear episode where the DB9 was featured here:
    DB9 video (77 MB)

    Hi-res pictures can be found here:
    DB9 wallpaper


    Re: What are the odds?


    Thanks for the links



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